61% Increase in Business Revenue from CVO Program

The Brief

A Renowned Pain Relief Provider wanted to harness the powers of Blend to find new ways of interacting with their customers and increase their overall CLV by using our CVO Package. As a whole, we have shifted our focus from purely CR to CVO and analysing all the metrics that make up CVO to enrich the brands that work with us. Our strong relationship with this client has resulted in consistent growth through implementing changes like an Octane AI quiz and robust segmentation. 

How Blend helped

Blend began by carrying out an audit to understand where the The Pain Relief Brand was, where they wanted to be, and how we could strategically and efficiently get them there.

We built an on-site quiz using Octane AI and integrated the data from Octane to Klaviyo to create highly segmented and personalised emails and flows. Our team also designed a UI/UX Email Template before building out 13 Core Flows, all integrating Octane AI data to ensure customers received marketing specific to them. Additionally, Blend provided a Sign-up Form Strategy Guide and created Sign-Up Forms built specifically for the Renowned Pain Relief Provider’s site to lead customers into a functional conversion funnel while gaining email subscribers. 

Lastly, an NPS Survey on-site was built and within an email flow using Reveal and Explore to get insight into where customers are in their journey, how they feel about the brand, and how we can leverage those insights to improve marketing and design for these customers. 
Reveal pulled data that created RFM Segments, separating customers based on their recency of purchase, frequency of purchase, and monetary value. After that, Blend implemented flows based on these RFM Segments that allowed us to further engage with customers depending on where they are in their journey with The Brand to create an enriching experience that gives customers what they need when they need it most. 

The results

The Pain Relief Brand has seen a 61% Increase increase in Business Revenue in Q3 2022. Overall Unique Opens for emails have increased by 77% over the last year, and Overall Revenue attributed to email has increased by 22% in Q3. The Quiz alone brought in 3.4% of their Business Revenue for Q3.

Our relationship with The Brand continues to grow and expand as we find new and innovative ways to improve their metrics and create memorable experiences for their audience. To ensure that they consistently meet their goals and stay on top of their game, we provide in-depth monthly reports and recommendations, weekly email marketing metric updates, and regular A/B Testing and Email Optimisations to consistently improve and grow their email marketing account.


Increase in Conversion Rate with Octane AI Quiz


Increase in Business Revenue in Q3 compared to Q2


Increase in Revenue Attributed to Email Marketing in Q3 compared to Q2

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