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NI Candle Supplies are one of Europe's leading candle making supplies businesses. NI Candle supplies wanted to maximise sales opportunities from email. Blend achieved by migrating from them from MailChimp to Klaviyo.

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Project overview

NI Candle Supplies had seen a 50% month on month increase in their mailing list size. After initially using MailChimp to deliver automated email flows and campaigns, NI Candle Supplies realised the complexity of their customer buying behaviour was leading to poor performance in email conversion rates. With a growing email list, NI Candle Supplies realised that there were significant sales opportunities being missed due to the following

  • Poor Navigation
    An extended customer welcome flow that prompted mailing list members for more in-depth information about their needs, and used this data to segment the mailing list further.
  • Lack of Trust
    Prompted mailing list members for more in-depth information about their needs, and used this data to segment the mailing list further.
  • Inconsistent Branding
    Blog content-driven email campaigns, based on the understood needs of the NI Candle Supplies customer.

By also working with the brand to develop their Shopify store and other marketing channels, Blend used key integrations with other Shopify apps and third-party services to maximise the sales potential of email marketing.

How Blend helped

The first step for the Blend team was to migrate all MailChimp data to Klaviyo, and ensure that branding guidelines were used in the core Klaviyo flows. After collating 4 weeks of email send data, Blend used the advanced data analysis and segmentation tools in Klaviyo to assess the changes to email that would result in higher conversion for the brand.

After collating the data, Blend held multiple client workshops with the NI Candle Supplies team to help more deeply understand and clarify the patterns in data we observed. By doing so, we were able to understand the complexities and cyclicality of purchasing in their niche market.

The results

According to Klaviyo’s Email Benchmark report in August 2019, the average conversion rate from email campaigns in NI Candle Supplies industry was just 0.13%. 6 months after the initial project by Blend to implement Klaviyo for NI Candle Supplies, the brand achieved a 30% conversion rate from all Klaviyo emails. In addition to this, NI Candle Supplies achieved a campaign conversion rate of 19%.

Overall Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate in Email Campaigns