$185.7K Revenue Generated from Mobile App in 3 Months

The Brief

iGel Beauty aimed to better engage their existing customers and improve retention. Their main objective was to increase Customer Lifetime Value by making their brand more accessible through a dedicated mobile app. By leveraging Tapcart's features, they sought to transform their Shopify store into an app, increasing mobile sales and customer engagement.

How Blend helped

We began by working closely with Tapcart to understand the platform's functionalities and the steps required for a smooth integration. Our development team focused on meeting specific integration needs, ensuring a seamless user experience. We collaborated with Tapcart to integrate point code redemption within the app, ensuring it worked smoothly through extensive testing and refinement.


To improve navigation and product discovery, we customised product tagging for Collections. This made it easier for users to find what they were looking for, improving overall engagement. We strategically adjusted the Soft & Hard Launch dates to maximise app downloads and user engagement during promotional periods, increasing app visibility and attracting more users.


We also prioritised creating an enjoyable shopping experience by implementing personalised product recommendations through Rebuy Smart Cart. This feature offers users tailored suggestions, enhancing both engagement and efficiency throughout their shopping journey.


On a marketing front, we made strategic updates to the landing page copy to better reflect iGel’s brand voice. Adding a reviews section helped build trust and credibility while refining product recommendations and collection navigation improved usability and encouraged users to explore more products. Email campaigns were also updated to promote discount codes to users signed up to their email list. 


These changes supported the successful launch and ongoing performance of iGel's Tapcart app.

The results

The iGel Beauty app, powered by Tapcart, delivered outstanding results in the first three months. The performance exceeded expectations, showing significant growth in various areas:



✔️ 4,963 App Installs
✔️ 63,622 App Opens
✔️ 6% Open Rate
✔️ 196 Active Daily Users
✔️ 9 Days Average to First Purchase


✔️ $185.7k Revenue Generated
✔️ 1,250 Total Orders
✔️ $151.59 Average Order Value
✔️ 61% of Revenue from Promo Code Orders


✔️ 15% Repurchase Rate
✔️ $146.75 Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Journey

✔️ 6% Conversion Rate
✔️ 22% of Sessions Involved a Product View
✔️ 15% Add to Cart Rate per Session
✔️ 69% of Product Views Lead to Add to Cart
✔️ 19% of Add to Carts Resulted in Completed Purchase


Product Views Leading to Add to Cart


Add to Carts Resulted in Completed Purchases


Repurchase Rate


Customer Lifetime Value

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