This week Obviyo announced the beginning of a new chapter for their business, with the rebranding of their company name formerly known as HiConversion.


So, who are Obviyo you may ask? Obviyo is an eCommerce Intelligence™ platform helping merchants personalise and optimise shopping experiences to maximise revenue from every visitor.


Obviyo was founded more than 10 years ago by David Henrickson (CTO) and Zee Aganovic (CEO). According to Obviyo one of the biggest challenges most eCommerce brands were facing was low conversion rates. Being the serial entrepreneurs they are and whose previous startups were acquired by companies such as Ricoh and Microsoft, they felt inspired.


They initially created a machine learning system to automate and accelerate experimentation for eCommerce stores. The outcome was a real-time optimisation engine, capable of detecting and adapting to shoppers' needs.


With all that said, Obviyo is now helping eCommerce stores hyper-personalise their shopping experiences. Zee Aganiovic said in a recent article; “Because modern eCommerce has become so much more than just transactions, we’re helping eCommerce teams say goodbye to conversions and hello to customers”.

What is Hyper-Personalisation?

Hyper-Personalise is the platform that allows you to collect data and optimise in real-time. Obviyo allows merchants to benefit from the same technology that is powering Amazon’s recommendation engine. This allows businesses to have access to these features without having to be a part of Amazon’s ecosystem.

What do we think of the rebrand?

The new name and branding evoke a feeling of pride and trust in the established brand we know Obviyo to be. Their logo consists of a bold and strong feeling typeface that is accompanied by the logo device. Maybe as a window to customer insight and conversion perhaps?


The device uses negative space to form the letter ‘O’. This is a nod towards the company name Obviyo. We feel that the new brand elevates and represents the growth and evolution of the company.


In the coming days and weeks, you will probably start to see the new rebrand across all channels and platforms. So, make sure to keep your eye out on social media and on Obviyo’s website, it is definitely not to be missed!

Why use Obviyo?

Maintaining a successful eCommerce business can become complicated. Living in the new digital world has changed how we sell and buy products online. According to Obviyo the average eCommerce store sees 90% of all visitors leave without discovering a product of interest.

 Before & After

Here’s why we partner with Obviyo?

One of the main reasons why we are partnered with Obviyo is because what we want to do for all of our Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants is give them the best solutions in boosting their conversions on their eCommerce store. This is where Obviyo gives merchants the opportunity to maximise the merchants eCommerce potential by analysing real-time user data.


See for yourself, we have seen some amazing progress on some of the clients whilst using Obviyo and we honestly love hearing and seeing this data. The statistics show the personalised vs non-personalised conversion through using their app and we are honestly taken back by how amazing this is.


Graph chart


Work with Blend and Obviyo

If you are a Shopify or Shopify Plus eCommerce business and you are looking to boost your revenue, conversion and retention, then Obviyo is your perfect solution. You will be able to widen the types of buying personas you serve and increase your conversion rates. Using Obviyo’s hyper-personalised and optimised platform you will be able to satisfy both new and existing customers by recommending products in real-time. Evidently, you will be able to enhance the user’s shopping experience and make your customers happy shoppers.


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