The Impact

eCommerce is full of gimmicks. But what if we told you there was one that has helped brands achieve these incredible results:
25% Conversion Rate
31% Higher AOV
37% Higher email revenue

The 'BFCM' Triangle

Each year, Shopify brands have to navigate the before, during and after of BFCM. Here's the specifics of how onsite quizzes play there part in each step:

1. Before BFCM

The biggest challenge before BFCM is soaring ad costs. Traditional tactics involve collecting email addresses to stretch your budget. But why settle for a mere 10% discount code when you can offer something personalised? Enter the quiz.

Question 1: What are your customers struggling with when they visit your site?

For example, one of our clients, Hunter & Gather, faced the challenge of catering to visitors with varying dietary backgrounds, from Keto enthusiasts to newcomers.

Question 2: What do your customers truly desire?

Whether you're a fitness brand, children's shoe store, or dog food company, everyone has common needs. They want expert advice tailored to their specific desires.

Question 3: What can you give them?

Don't just offer discounts; consider personalised freebies based on their answers. For a fitness brand, it could be a personalised fitness plan, a diet plan, or a free consultation with an expert. The possibilities are endless.

2. During BFCM

Big or small, discounts mean nothing if they're not tailored to what your customers truly care about. With the data gathered from your quiz, you can make BFCM magic happen. Imagine you're a supplement brand. Your quiz asks about health goals, workout activity, and career. Now, let's create offers that cater to those goals:

Create Bundles: Develop "Weight Loss," "Weight Gain," and "Muscle Mass" bundles with staggered discounts.

Email Marketing: Use your segmented data to craft targeted email campaigns that resonate with your customers.

Retargeting: Export your segments and use them in retargeting campaigns for a double impact.

3. After BFCM

BFCM may be over, but the party doesn't end there. Many first-time BFCM shoppers never return because they lack a real connection to your brand. However, with quiz data, you can change that. Imagine you're a shoe brand. A quiz has revealed you're shopping for your wife, who's a size 6 and loves neutrals. You've purchased beige flats on BFCM. Without quiz data, you'd be bombarded with irrelevant shoe offers.

Post-Purchase Email: Ask for feedback on the flats to start building a relationship.

Customer Service Flow: Based on feedback, trigger a follow-up flow, possibly leading to a positive review.

Birthday Surprise: Offer a birthday discount to keep your customer engaged, using quiz data.

Tailored Offers: Send emails with new launches that match their size and color preferences.

  • Quiz Setup

    Our team will:

    • Design, build, and implement an Octane AI onsite Quiz.
    • Design, copywrite and build a Quiz Results Flow in Klaviyo.
    • Provide valuable hints, tips and tricks to get the best from your Octane AI Quiz.

    Your team will:

    • Supply 5 - 8 questions for the quiz.
    • Provide the respective answers for each question.
    • List the products associated with each answer.
    • Specify which answers should lead to product outcomes at the quiz's conclusion.

    Please note that a subscription to both Octane AI Plus and Klaviyo is essential to avail these packages.

    £2,300* | $2,950

    *Excluding VAT

  • Quiz Setup Plus

    Our team will:

    • Design, build and install a Octane AI quiz onsite.
    • Design, copywrite and build a quiz results flow in Klaviyo.
    • Design, copywrite and build a personalised Klaviyo Welcome Flow using Octane AI segmentation
    • Provide hints, tips and tricks to get the best from your Octane AI Quiz.

    Your team will:

    • Supply 5 - 8 questions for the quiz.
    • Provide the respective answers for each question.
    • List the products associated with each answer.
    • Specify which answers should lead to product outcomes at the quiz's conclusion.

    Please note that a subscription to both Octane AI Plus and Klaviyo is essential to avail these packages.

    £3,500* | $4,550

    *Excluding VAT

What brands say

Read about the impact of onsite quizzes from Shopify brands.

  • Blend are a great email agency who have set up all of our flows, templates and provided us close guidance on our campaign management and list management as well as strategy around all things email growth in Klaviyo. They have been really supportive of the brand through the fast growth we have seen as well as being flexible with suggestions and budgeting of work so we can make choices together. We would recommend you get in touch with Blend if you are looking to improve your email marketing and Ecommerce growth tactics.

  • Blend is extremely helpful, timely, and professional. They are e-commerce must! They are extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend you have them audit your email marketing.

  • We have been working with Blend for a couple of years now and are always happy with their work. Website theme development, email marketing, site speed testing, and SEO.. Blend is a go to boutique agency for anything Shopify related. We have grown with them from roughly $3M in annual sales to over $10M last year. Genuinely nice people and we highly recommend them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Octane AI quiz is an interactive tool that engages your customers by helping them find the perfect product or solution based on their preferences. It's a valuable addition to your Shopify store because it enhances the shopping experience, increases user engagement, and boosts sales by offering personalized product recommendations.

Octane AI quizzes can significantly benefit your business by improving customer engagement, increasing conversion rates, reducing bounce rates, and providing valuable data for marketing strategies. Personalised recommendations lead to higher customer satisfaction and more sales.

Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing platform that helps you create and automate email flows, segment your audience, and send targeted emails. It's essential for your eCommerce store because it allows you to build strong customer relationships, recover abandoned carts, and drive repeat business through email marketing.

While it's possible to install Octane AI and set up Klaviyo on your own, our agency specialises in seamless integration and customisation. We ensure that everything is optimised for your specific store and business needs, saving you time and effort.

Absolutely. We understand the importance of brand consistency. We'll work closely with you to ensure the Octane AI quiz matches your brand's visual identity, including colors, fonts, and other design elements.

To get started, simply reach out to us through our contact form or email. We'll schedule a consultation to discuss your needs, provide a quote, and begin the process of enhancing your Shopify store with Octane AI and Klaviyo.

We believe in collaboration. You can provide input and feedback, and we'll create the quiz based on your preferences. We'll guide you through the process to ensure it aligns with your business goals.

We'll help you set up analytics and tracking to measure the success of both the Octane AI quiz and Klaviyo email flows. You'll be able to track key performance indicators such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and revenue generated.

We understand that businesses evolve. We offer flexibility and can make updates or changes to the Octane AI quiz and Klaviyo email flows to adapt to your evolving needs and strategies.

Yes, we offer various services including our CVO Service. Let's discuss your goals, and we can recommend additional services to support your growth.

Still not convinced?

Consider this. A brand we worked with had two sign-up mechanisms on their site—pop-up email sign-up and quiz sign-up. Customers who signed up via the quiz had a staggering 54% higher customer lifetime value. Ready to give it a try?

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