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    Contact our team using the options below

    +44 (0) 1789 765 822
    +1 (833) 456-4236

    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

    Need a perfect loyalty page?

    Got a plan, but can’t execute?

    You have a generous offer, but you’re struggling to get customers to signup to your loyalty program. You know that your customer retention and repeat purchases will shoot through the roof, but only if you can only get customers to adopt and start earning rewards.

    Your marketing team knows that the best way to do this would be to have a killer landing page. But based on past experience, building out the perfect landing page can be a time-consuming and costly. Not to mention the complexity when needing to integrate with new APIs or SDKs.

    Fast forward 2 weeks

    Not only do you have a beautifully designed (on-brand) home for pitching your loyalty program and converting signups, but you also a place for existing customers to log in and check how they can earn more points and use their current rewards.

    How did we get here?

    By avoiding kissing frogs and working with an agency that has already learned the ins & outs of the LoyaltyLion’s API and SDK, and how to set up a logged in and logged out integrated page that converts.

    At Blend, we are a team of UI/UX Designers, Developers, CRO consultants, and Growth Marketeers. We have the in-house expertise to fully understand your brand, strategy, and how to best get your users to adopt your rewards program.

    We’ve been working with Blend Commerce for the past 2 years and their team is absolutely fantastic. We chose Blend to be one of our agency partners who help us build integrated loyalty pages for our merchants and so far, they’ve only exceeded our expectations! They’ve proven again that they are organised, always on top of everything and our mutual clients (and ourselves!) are extremely happy with the quality of the work they deliver

    Kasia Migas

    Loyalty Lion

    Live Love Polish case study
    Blend Loyalty Lion rewards page example

    It’s not what we do. It’s how we do it.

    Following these processes we ensure the right programme is the right for you

    Help me with my loyalty program

    On this call, we will discuss your program and the main objectives of the integrated page. We’ll also look closely at your loyalty program, what success looks like your preferred package option and your required timeline.

    Following the call, we’ll create a proposal for you to review and sign and have our accounts team prepare the deposit invoice.

    Following on from the agreement and receipt of payment, we will onboard you to our simple to use project management software and request access to your store and all required assets.

    Our team of consultants and UI/UX designers will now prepare a mockup of both the ‘logged out’ and ‘logged in’ version of your integrated page. Depending on the package option you choose you may have 1 to 3 iteration rounds to request changes to the mockups.

    Following on from your design approval, we’ll then move into the build phase. Our experienced frontend developers will integrate your Shopify store with LoyaltyLion and build out the pages as per the mockups.

    On completion, we’ll provide you will a short training video on how to make changes to your new integrated pages. This means you’ll be able to quickly and easily change assets when you need to.

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