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  • Klaviyo Management

    As one of the longest-serving Klaviyo partners, we'll use our expertise to drive up your owned revenue with Klaviyo. By focusing 100% on the use of Kl

  • Maintenance Contract

    If you're a growing business that needs support in maintaining your Shopify store, we can help. A Maintenance Contract gives you access to us our tale

  • Growth Partnerships

    Our growth partnership gives you access to our team who obsess over your Customer Experience (CX). We'll then continuously work on your website and co

CX Growth Experts

What is the difference between another agencies ‘digital marketing retainer’ and a Blend Growth Partnership? The answer is simple. Mindset. While we are undoubtedly committed to retaining you as a client, our first and most important focus is your growth and the development of your Shopify Plus store. We produce the growth you need and the longevity of our relationship is the by-product.