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  • Redesigns / rebuilds

    If you are looking to do a redesign your Shopify store and improve Customer Experience, our redesign process will help you tackle this. Whether you'll

  • CX Audit

    Our approach is different; instead of jumping straight in and implementing a hit-and-hope strategy, we believe we need to take a step back and underst

  • Growth Partnerships

    Our growth partnership gives you access to our team who obsess over your Customer Experience (CX). We'll then continuously work on your website and co

UI/UX Shopify Design

Do you look at your Shopify store and think it looks stale? If you do, imagine what your ‘nearly customers’ (the ones that visited but didn’t order anything) think! If your conversion rate is lower than industry norms, and the buying process we’ve got set up is a little ‘clunky’, you should probably consider refreshing and improving your web presence.