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A Shopify store setup can be a major challenge for any entrepreneur or business looking to sell online with Shopify. You could have an amazing business idea, but if you don’t have the know-how or time to create a store, you aren’t going anywhere fast. Likewise, if you’re already selling online through Magento, Wix or WooCommerce, it's likely you’ll be in need of support along with way.

If this sounds like something you may struggle with then fear not. Here at Blend Commerce, we have a team of Shopify Experts ready to help you with your Shopify store setup. In this blog, we’re going to guide you through our Shopify store setup service both before, during and after. To help explain, we spoke with long term client, Sarah Lowther, from NI Candle Supplies.

Shopify store setup

Shopify Store Roadmapping Service

This is where your Shopify journey begins. It’s time to decide where to take your Shopify Store Setup. You need to think about design, customisations, marketing, short and long term plans. There’s probably a long list of things going through your head and our Shopify Store Roadmapping Service is a great way to make sense of it.

Step 1 - Outlining your Objectives

We always start by giving you the opportunity to outline your objectives and focuses for your Shopify store setup. Every element of your store can be built around these goals, so it’s crucial we go about this with an organised and full framework.

We know from experience how clear objectives help create a smooth Shopify store setup and if we don’t think you have these, we’ll tell you. Fortunately, at Blend Commerce, we have a team of Shopify Experts ready to provide a consultation service to get those objectives in line for your Shopify store setup.

Step 2 - Roadmapping Call

Shopify store setup
Once the initial stage is complete, we invite clients for a call with our Shopify Experts to discuss ideas for navigation, functionality, trust factors and design.

Sarah Lowther explains more about this process:

Step 3 - The Roadmapping Report

Now it’s time to put together the client’s roadmapping report, this includes:

  • A clear navigational framework for the Shopify store setup.
  • Suggested brand guidelines - font, colour and design recommendations.
  • Recommended custom functionality and use of apps
  • A full menu of Shopify store setup options that Blend Commerce propose at various budget levels, based on the client's objectives.

  • It’s also worth mentioning that we often use the Turbo Theme by Out of the Sandbox to create high performing Shopify stores for our clients. If you’d like to find out why we only use Out of the Sandbox themes, you can read more here.

    Shopify store setup

    Starting the Shopify Store Setup

    Over 95% of our clients opt to work with us on their Shopify store setup after completing the roadmapping stage. But if you wish, you can also take the roadmap to alternative vendors for quotations or completion. If you do decide to proceed with Blend Commerce, here’s what you can expect:

    Step 4 - Onboarding

    As we onboard you for your Shopify store setup, we need you to provide us with copy, images and product descriptions for the website. Some clients also opt for our copywriting service to ensure their store content represents their brand.

    Step 5 - Basic Site Design Concept

    Using everything we’ve discovered so far, we create the initial design concept. The general principles like headers, pages, and collections are designed and given to the client to review. 

    Shopify store setupWe asked Sarah for her feedback on this process:

    And as a result, we were able to invite Sarah for a call to discuss the tweaks and amendments she wanted to make.

    Step 6 - Customisations

    During our discussions about the design concept, we also ask the client to submit their ideas for customisations. For many clients, separating out this stage proves to be a valuable asset. For Sarah, simply seeing the store functioning in test mode gave her a better idea of what customisations would be most valuable for her Shopify store. Like this custom calculator we created for her.

    Shopify store setup

    Step 7 - Testing

    It’s not uncommon for us to make tweaks and changes to the site before testing. It’s best to ensure the specifications and objectives set out in the roadmapping stage are met here.

    We then begin testing and we test thoroughly. We use multiple devices and browsers to ensure usability and functionality are 100% correct. We even give clients access so they can conduct their own testing, for added peace of mind.

    Shopify Store Setup Launch

    Step 8 - Handover

    Shopify store setupWhen everyone’s happy and the store is ready to launch, we want to make sure our clients are confident running their store when it’s live. We asked Sarah about her experience: 

    As Sarah mentions, the Blend team provide both training calls and resources that can be used repeatedly for the longer term. By doing so, you’ll always have the support that you need.

    Step 9 - Post Launch Support

    Even after the store has launched, we’re still there to support you in the first few weeks. Whether you want to make tweaks to the website or have any questions, the Blend team will be there to help.

    Step 10 - The Long Term Relationship

    Over 85% of our clients continue to work with us post-launch. With clients like Sarah, we’ve been able to create a long term relationship by offering our development and marketing services. You can take a look at Sarah’s website NI Candle Supplies here and read her, along with over 30 other reviews on Blend here.

    At Blend Commerce, we’re passionate about building long term relationships with our clients. We hope to do the same with you if you decide to work with us on your Shopify store setup.

    Lauren Barrett
    Lauren Barrett

    Lauren works closely with Adam on the creation of marketing strategy and content for Blend clients. Having honed her skills within a ecommerce and B2B business, Lauren is well versed in the marketing needs of businesses in a competitive workplace.

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