Who is PushOwl?

PushOwl has created an app for Shopify that allows merchants to send push notifications. A push notification is a message that pops up directly on your screen - whether it be mobile or desktop - without having to open an app or email to see it. This means there are no barriers between the company and the customer. These can be set up to remind them of their shopping journey with your store - for example, to ask to leave a review after a purchase has been made, or an abandoned cart reminder or to target a particular demographic with a campaign. It also sends tracking notifications to show when an order is on its way. This can drive revenue by reminding customers of your presence and convincing them to make their purchase with you.

These push notifications are 5 times more visible than email campaigns, as they can be sent to your audience via their mobiles, without them having to download any apps or have to actively open anything (like you would with an email). They can be sent frequently to keep up regular contact with your consumers.

It is incredibly easy to get subscribers via push too - they are sent a prompt via their browser which is completely secure, so the customer feels safe in adding this. There is currently a 3-5% opt-in rate via push.

The impressions created can be engaging and fun too, with the use of emojis and images to make the posts readable and relatable. Audiences are more likely to purchase if they believe in a brand, and by making these personal to them they will feel a connection with you which builds trust and, therefore, sales. Merchants can create campaigns that are demographic and social specific - so can choose their audience for a particular promotion, or can even drive promotion at specific key times - such as BFCM or Christmas.

PushOwl band image

How to setup PushOwl on your store

The installation of PushOwl is very simple. On the Shopify app store, get and install the PushOwl app, and it downloads in no time at all. This will then show a home screen, similar to the below. This is where you can create your campaigns, set up automations and find subscriber details.


How to setup PushOwl on your store

One example of a popular automation to set up is the abandoned cart reminder. To do this:

    • Go to the automation tab on the homepage
    • Choose abandoned cart reminder
    • There is a small switch in the corner of the page to click, which then enables the reminder
    • Choose the notification required and the time interval for this
    • Choose ‘edit this notification’ to personalise what the push will say
    • Click ‘done’ and it’s all ready to go to your consumers
      PushOwl dashboard


How does PushOwl help Shopify merchants with retention, loyalty, and sales

The main reason merchants choose PushOwl is to be able to send cart recovery impressions. Approximately 70% of carts are abandoned before pushing to checkout, so it is imperative that merchants convince customers to complete their sale. The beauty of push is that there is no need to have the consumers personal details, like an email address, to remind them of their cart. It is a quick and simple solution to contact the customer and promote that sale.

The reporting on PushOwl is exceptional. It allows you to see which campaigns are working effectively, by analysing click rate and customer interactions with the notifications. In this way, you can determine which campaigns work best for various demographics, and what you need to implement to drive sales.

It is a great way to increase retention, by reminding consumers of the positives of your brand and preventing them from choosing one of your competitors. The constant reminders will drum your company into them and make you memorable. Customers like to choose a brand that they can stick with; that gives them offers and rewards, and PushOwl is a great way to promote this loyalty by sending personal messages directly to your customer to make them feel special and valued. Another thing you as a merchant can set up to increase retention is letting a customer know when an item they want is back in stock, or sending a campaign to make customers aware when a sale is starting.

What is the cost per month of PushOwl?

The basic package of PushOwl is completely free. This allows you to create 500 impressions and send basic push notifications to an unlimited number of subscribers. The ‘impressions’ are the successfully delivered push notifications - so ones that are unsuccessful are not counted towards your allowed quota.

For just $19 a month, the business package gives up to 1000 impressions, with upgraded notifications including abandoned cart reminders.

The final package is ‘enterprise’ and is a custom plan created especially for you. This can be built to meet your company needs; you can get in touch with PushOwl’s strategic account manager to understand your needs. To find out more on pricing and what each package entails go to https://pushowl.com/pricing.

Examples of ROI from PushOwl

PushOwl has fast become one of the industry-leading push notification apps. This has been proven through various success stories.

Notably, their relationship with Shopify Plus client Proozy was an example of fantastic revenue growth. Proozy is a fitness gear brand who, despite already having a strong marketing strategy, wanted a way to engage quicker and more personally with their customers. Within 4 months of adding the PushOwl app, they had over 63,000 subscribers, had recovered 778 abandoned carts from setting up an automation system and achieved an amazing $299 for every $1 spend, which is an incredible return on their investment.

Another success story was that of Headphone Zone, an Indian audio accessory company. Within 8 months of using PushOwl, they recovered over 1300 abandoned carts, grew their list to 97,000 subscribers and have seen an ROI of 126X. 

Next steps with Pushowl and Blend

PushOwl is a fairly new partner to Blend and we are delighted to have them on board. We believe that they will make an instrumental difference to our merchants, and there is a real need in their stores for a push marketing strategy. It’s proven success already in driving revenue is key to making the difference to your customers. To find out more about Blend Commerce and PushOwl please contact us:

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