by Adam Pearce

We have. It was horrible. It went something like this.

What are these screws for?
Which way up does the door go?
What are these screws for?
It wobbles.
What are these screws for?
How does the back fit on?
What the **** are these screw for?

After three hours of stress, working out where the missing screws were and four relationship defining arguments, we had a cupboard... with one shelf missing. Great.

Having worked with many Shopify entrepreneurs, this is often similar to their experience of building a new store. Like IKEA, Shopify provides an opportunity to take home a well-designed, sturdy and reliable item you’ll love - but what's key is having the instructions and knowing how of how to put it together. Without these, it's no fun at all.

So what we all want, is what we see in the showroom - the robust, gleaming cupboard with all the screws in place, looking like it could survive a nuclear war. That’s the same with anything that we invest in, including a Shopify store. A well-designed, well-put together, sales-generating Shopify store. No hassle, no pain, no arguments. Simple.

Here at Blend, we believe that this should be the experience for all of our clients, which is why the starting point is our store roadmapping service. Our store roadmapping service enables clients to obtain a clear plan of how their store should be designed and built, based on their objectives and their product or service. At the conclusion of this process, our clients can either opt to have their Shopify store created by Blend or take a fully-prepared plan to another developer. Their call. As it should be.

Okay, so why bother?

You know your product, you love your product! Well here’s Michael Weintraub from The Boutique Rack talking about why he found value in the store roadmapping service and 90 day marketing growth plan:

Having had over 25 years experience in the women’s designer clothing industry, I felt like I knew the market very well. I interact with my customers via email and kept a close eye on orders and emails. When the guys at Blend suggested the Roadmapping and growth plan services,  I was sceptical. What could they possibly tell me? Well, I found that I learned and confirmed a lot. In terms of confirming, there were assumptions that I had made about my customers that were confirmed by the data Blend provided. In terms of learning, I found far more specific detail about the behaviours, likes and dislikes of who we sell to. This made me feel a lot more comfortable about the direction of my business and how to design and market my site, rather than basing this on my personal assumptions.

Michael Weintraub
The Boutique Rack

The key question that many clients ask is:

“Why would we invest $999 in roadmapping my store,  when I can get a store built for $500?”.

Well, we decided to write a blog about this very topic, which you can read about here. In a nutshell, let’s think again about that IKEA cupboard. Yes, you can buy the cupboard for $200, but if you don’t put it together right, you’ll be pissed for the next 4 years as it sits tilting forward, looking at you every time you wake up in the morning. Do you really want to feel like that about your place of work?

Now, we have to be honest, we work a little differently to some of the other guys in our industry. We won’t create a Shopify store for clients unless we’re confident that we have full and clear objectives from the first step of our roadmapping process. We don’t build hotels in the desert. While this might seem like we’re being difficult, this is out of fairness to our clients and to us - we, like our clients, want to build you a successful, sales-inducing Shopify store. If we don’t feel that you have clear objectives, the second stage of the roadmapping process is to develop a 90 day marketing growth plan for you.

As you’ve probably seen from the size of the company, we are a small and focused boutique consultancy. We love what we do, and while we’d love to be able to do more, we do have limited availability for launch clients. Following on from our roadmapping sessions we can only handle 2 new store setups each month on a first come, first serve basis. While this may mean a slightly longer waiting period before we start your store setup, it also allows us to focus on you when it's your turn.

So if you’d like to start the launch sequence with our roadmapping service, just hit the button below:


Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce

Adam is the chief copy writer, marketing consultant and maker of tea at Blend Commerce. Oh, and he helps Shopify store owners Launch, Grow and Automate their businesses.

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