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    Out of the Sandbox theme update

    As you’ll see from many clients' sites, we think Out of The Sandbox (OOTS) rock. From design, to speed, to usability, these guys really know how to help Shopify entrepreneurs kick ass. As an official OOTS partner, we have helped countless clients to take advantage of the OOTS Theme Updater App. If you're not yet on Sectioned based OOTS theme, you can’t take advantage of the new app. Let us show you the awesomeness with our manual OOTS theme update.

    Price -$1,499

    Update your OOTS theme now for $1,499

    What is it?

    Our service is ideal for Shopify store owners who have custom code on their old Out of the Sandbox theme:

    • Turbo Pre-3.0
    • Parallax Pre-3.0
    • Retina Pre-4.0
    • Mobilia Pre-5.0
    • Responsive Pre-6.0

    If you need to update your theme to remove bugs or take advantage of the new functionality and the new app, this can be an excellent option for you.

    The first step of the process is for our team to install the updates and ensure your store operates as is did previously, including any custom functionality you already had, but excluding those nasty bugs. Following this, the Blend team will:

    • Install/Set up your updated theme using the OOTS theme updater app
    • Ensure all tracking codes are installed on your updated theme
    • Ensure all apps remain integrated with your site
    • Link all pre-existing social media
    • Re-introduce any custom code or additional page templates you have on your site.

    Update your OOTS theme now for $1,499

    Full support for all streaming services

    Watch your favorite from all the very best content providers at blazing fast speeds.