Social media marketing for Shopify Stores

Like you, we’ve been burnt by social media in the past. From painstakingly trying to figure out the constant changes in Facebook business manager, to broken promises of quick wins and conversion of likes to sales in weeks by ‘social media managers’. We’re not saying either of these options can’t work, but most of our clients tell us one or often both of these stories. Out of this shared pain, we decided to create our Social Media Marketing service. This is a data and objective-driven use of social media marketing to create long-term engagement and sales. Period.

Price -  One off cost of $299 to complete a Demographic Profiling Report and a monthly fee starting at $699 per month (minimum 3-month agreement)


What is it?

The first stage of the Social Media Management service is to establish clear demographic traits of your current or target customer. To do this, we complete a demographic profiling report. Once we have a clear, data-driven view of how your target customer interacts with social media and their specific likes and preferences, your assigned social media manager will then provide the following:

  • Design, creation, scheduling and posting of one post per day, 7 days a week on any 3 of the following social media channels:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • SnapChat
    • Linkedin
  • Response to any comments, messages and reactions on any channel within 30 minutes*
  • 3 ‘ad-hoc’ text-based posts per week across 3 channels
  • Design, creation, scheduling and posting 1 Facebook ad per week (please note, ad budgets will be an additional cost)
  • Monthly reporting on engagement and effectiveness of social media management.

You’ll notice that we request a 3-month minimum agreement for our Social Media Management service. While we like to offer our clients flexibility, our experience has shown us that fine-tuning the social media process takes around 12 weeks, and requires a significant time investment on our part in the first 2 months. We just like to be honest, upfront and clear.