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    Shopify store setup

    Getting Your Shopify Site Ready

    Setting up your Shopify store is an exciting, but often challenging period. By beginning your journey with the Blend Shopify store roadmapping service you can tip the balance towards excitement. Once your roadmap is completed, you’ll have three simple choices to choose from - all allowing you to achieve your objectives, at varying investment levels.

    Price - Starting from $4,499 (highly dependent on your roadmap findings)


    How do we do it?

    Our Shopify store setup services provide you with the full end-to-end service that you need to get your business ready to go and sell. Following the selection of your option at the investment level you're comfortable with, we’ll then begin the following process:

    1. Onboarding and initial information request

    The initial stage of your store setup will be for us to request and you to provide:

    • Website copy
    • Website images
    • Product descriptions

    Some of our clients also opt for our copywriting services when they need some support with representing their brand through the written word.

    2. Basic site design concept delivered

    Using our thorough roadmap and the information you have provided, we then create our initial design concept. This means that we design and implement the general design principles to your site, excluding the finer details and functionality. Once we’ve done this, we then share with you to review.

    3. Design concept meeting and customisation planning

    The design concept meeting provides an opportunity to review and fine-tune the initial design concept. During this meeting, we’ll discuss the customisations planned for your site, beyond the basic setup and design concept.

    4. Submission of customisations

    At this stage, we’ll confirm the customisations to be implemented and request your confirmation to proceed. At that point, we’ll them implement the customisations.

    5. Customisation review meeting

    Once we’ve finalised the customisations, we’ll meet for the second review. This stage is crucial in getting your site ready for launch.

    6. Customisation adjustments

    It’s common at this stage that we’ll make some tweaks and changes to your site, ensuring its to specification and to the objectives we set out at the roadmapping stage.

    7. Testing

    Thorough testing is then completed by the Blend team. We thoroughly test your site on multiple devices and browsers, ensuring usability and functionality 100% correctly. We’ll then provide access to you to conduct your own testing for added peace of mind.

    8. Handover

    Handover is a crucial point of the project - this is where we’ll train you how to manage the key administration tasks of your site. We’ll ensure you're confident to launch, and then we’ll press the button. You’ll be live!

    9. Post launch support

    We understand the first few weeks after launching can be a time of adjustment, as you move towards your new career as Shopify entrepreneur. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions and make sure you’re cooking on gas.

    10. Long-term relationship

    Over 85% of our clients continue to work with us, post launch. Whether it’s with our marketing or development services, we’ve built strong long-term relationships with our clients. We hope to do the same with you if you decide to work with us on your store setup.


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