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    Flex Theme - Value Audit

    Thinking about switching to the new Flex theme by Out of the Sandbox?

    If you’ve recently purchased the Flex theme or been thinking about making the switch, chances are you’ll be looking to use some of the incredible new features of Flex. With so much functionality available to improve store performance, it may prove tricky to know how best to use the extended features for your business.

    Being able to understand and choose the best features for your Shopify store with any theme helps provide you with the optimal approach when upgrading your store. With the forthcoming BFCM and holiday period, having a fully optimised store with one of the strongest themes on the market would provide a great way to stay competitive in the busy period ahead.

    To help you assess how the Flex theme could provide you with a competition busting store, our expert team at Blend Commerce are proud to offer our Flex theme store audit. This unique audit provides you with:

    • An assessment of the current performance of your Shopify store in relation to the key eCommerce metrics.
    • A review of the core functionality used on your current store, and how this could be optimised with the Flex theme.
    • Recommendations of Flex theme functionality that could boost your ROI and Sales.
    • A low cost ($149) and a low-risk strategy to assess if Flex is right for you.

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    "Blend Commerce has proven to be the top Out of the Sandbox theme experts and have a long, established history working with our themes. Whenever a merchant wants to take their shop to the next level, we have complete trust that they are in good hands with Blend Commerce."

    Brad Miller

    Founder + CEO of Out of the Sandbox


    Our Flex theme store audit provides a unique way to tap into expert advice from trusted Shopify and Out of the Sandbox experts. As trusted Out of the Sandbox partners, our team had early access to the theme, meaning we’ve been able to upskill quickly on the new features available. By working directly with the Blend team, you’ll get expert and honest advice without committing to making the switch. If you would like to move forward with support from the Blend team, we’d be happy to assist with our theme switch service.

    Get your Audit Now

    ***Special limited time offer***

    To celebrate the official launch of the Flex theme, we’re offering a FREE Flex theme homepage mock-up for all clients who purchase our Flex theme store audit by August 30th 2019. This service is ordinarily offered to clients at $399, providing even greater value from the Blend, Flex theme store audit.

    Happy flexing!

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