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    Content marketing and management

    Copywriting For Your Shopify Store

    When it comes to content marketing and copywriting, a client of ours puts it this way:

    ‘I kind of feel like I need a split personality - there’s me and there’s my store - all talking from the same mouth. It’s freaking tricky.’

    Yup. We hear you. Luckily for our clients, we have a great team of weirdos with split personalities who can cover all of your copywriting needs - from one-off blog posts to copy for your whole store.

    Price - From $99

    Get your first blog post now for just $99

    What is it?

    Let's be clear - copywriting for us is about communicating the beliefs and qualities of your business and product through the written word, and conveying a certain persona. This means a consistent approach on your store, blogs, emails, social media marketing i.e. all the places your customers read about your business, from your business.

    To begin the copywriting process for your business, The Blend marketing teams work with you to establish:

    • The specific objectives for the copy you would like us to write.
    • Demographic traits of your target customer.
    • If your store were a person, what would they be like (sounds a bit free love and hippy, but trust us, it works)?
    • Any existing copy you are using, and if you’d like to stay or move away from that style.
    • The specific areas of your business, you’d like to have copy created for.

    Once our team has a solid basis to work from, we’ll create 150 words for you, completely free, just so you’re happy with the style. Once confirmed, we’ll create your copy, ready to go! We offer the following services:

    • Single blog writing (400-word article - images provided by client) - $99 - Buy Now
    • 3-month blog writing package (400-word blog articles - images provided by client) - Packages starting from $269 - Enquire Now
    • Single page copywriting - From $150 - Enquire Now
    • Full site copywriting - From $599 - Enquire Now
    • Full site copy and blog writing package (3 x 400-word blog articles - images provided by client) - From $799 - Enquire Now

    Get your first blog post now for just $99

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