Shopify Store Redesigns | Optimize for Mobile

Which theme do you recommend for Shopify stores?
While we’ve worked with a range of Shopify themes, we’ve found that Out of the Sandbox and Archetype create themes that are feature rich and can be customised to achieve the highest levels of conversion.
Can you redesign my Shopify store with a fully custom theme?
Yes we can, but in our experience, the cost of doing so can be prohibitive for many brands. Having deep experience with Out of the Sandbox and Archetype themes, we’ve been able to develop in house code that provides merchants with a ‘custom theme’ feel, while still using a purchased theme.
How long does it take to redesign a Shopify store?
As the needs and performance of each Shopify store is different, we’ll thoroughly assess your store and its data during the assessment period of the process. While we won’t be able to provide guarantees, we always like to set an expected target for key eCommerce metrics, based on what we see.