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If you’ve been running a Shopify store for 12 months or more, no doubt you’ll be carefully monitoring the profitability of your business and looking at ways to maximise it. With the average Shopify store converting at 3%, it's important to ensure your business is performing in the way that it should.

After working with over 200 Shopify merchants, we understand the overwhelming focus to maximise the sales of a Shopify store through its functionality and design. Often, redesigning a Shopify store can involve many decisions that need expert guidance and support.

Why redesign your Shopify store?

Through our store redesign work with growth focused Shopify merchants, we’ve learnt that the most important performance metrics impacted by a Shopify store redesign are conversion rate and AOV. In our experience, merchants that have seen a stagnated conversion rate for more than 6 months tend to have the greatest need for a Shopify store redesign.

How Blend helps Shopify merchants

As the Out of the Sandbox (OOTS) and Archetype themes strategic partners, we've become true experts in understanding what their themes can do for a Shopify store. Here’s how we’ll help you make the switch:

Assess - After making contact with Blend, one of our Shopify theme experts will analyse and assess your store's data; auditing your current theme to establish some of the key issues your store has with stagnant growth.

Report - Your theme expert will then discuss their findings and they’ll explain how they feel a new theme could specifically help your business.

Roadmap - Once you decide to move forward with Blend, we’ll define the roadmap for the redesign of your Shopify store and agree this with you in the project scope and brief.

Onboarding - Your project will start with a ‘kick-off meeting’ where your dedicated project manager will complete the onboarding process. You’ll have full visibility of our work and clear milestones for the project, as well as clear communication on what you’ll need to provide us with.

Coach - Before relaunching your store, you’ll receive bespoke training on specific customisations to your Shopify store to ensure you have full understanding to manage your new business asset.

Iterate - Once the new store is launched, the process of optimising will continue. Many clients opt to work with us on our growth partnership program to continue their path to improving their bottom line.

Ready to redesign your Shopify store?

Contact us now to connect to our Shopify store redesign experts to see how you could improve your conversion rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which theme do you recommend for Shopify stores?
While we’ve worked with a range of Shopify themes, we’ve found that Out of the Sandbox and Archetype create themes that are feature rich and can be customised to achieve the highest levels of conversion.
Can you redesign my Shopify store with a fully custom theme?
Yes we can, but in our experience, the cost of doing so can be prohibitive for many brands. Having deep experience with Out of the Sandbox and Archetype themes, we’ve been able to develop in house code that provides merchants with a ‘custom theme’ feel, while still using a purchased theme.
How long does it take to redesign a Shopify store?
As the needs and performance of each Shopify store is different, we’ll thoroughly assess your store and its data during the assessment period of the process. While we won’t be able to provide guarantees, we always like to set an expected target for key eCommerce metrics, based on what we see.

How is Blend different?

We’re focused on metrics

We use data to understand and find your store’s key issues, we then combine this with our experience and knowledge on how we can best implement solutions.

We’re true e-commerce experts

Using our diverse team of designers, developers, CRO consultant and marketers, we get a 360° view of your business to ensure you get the best results for you.

We’re committed to long-term growth

By focusing on building customizations for the long run, we develop robust code ensuring your store is ready both now and in the future for continued growth.

Want To know more?

Due to our experience with Shopify store redesigns, our availability is limited for new projects. Please contact us now to share your needs and for more information on how we can help.

As a small team, we have limited availability for projects.