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Email marketing can provide between 30% and 50% of store revenue for high performing Shopify stores. Many Shopify stores see much lower revenue, and miss out on low cost per acquisition that email marketing provides.

Working with high growth store owners, we often see how email marketing flows and campaigns get neglected, often in place of newer, more expensive marketing channels. Taking the time to analyse and update email marketing for a brand is deeply time consuming and often complex for brands who have a range of customer demographics and buying habits.

While great looking emails are important, using customer data to understand how and when to contact mailing list members is the key to driving sales from email marketing.

Why should you use Klaviyo for email marketing?

Having worked with countless email marketing platforms, Blend has seen how Klaviyo’s ‘data-first’ approach provides much more than simply driving sales and retention from email marketing. The wide range of integrations available with Klaviyo enables Shopify merchants to connect multiple marketing channels to improve the sales conversion across a Shopify store.

How Blend helps Klaviyo users

As Klaviyo Master Partners, we’re experts at helping brands use automated flows and integrations to increase AOV and conversion rate. Having worked closely with Klaviyo and their team, as well as attending international Klaviyo conferences, we have expert level knowledge and connections to help Klaviyo merchants really turn the needle with email.

Blend works with Shopify merchants in two ways to help them develop email into a key marketing channel:

1. Klaviyo email migration

If you currently seeing open rates of less than 35%, it’s likely your email platform and strategy isn’t fit for purpose. 

Shopify store owners with an email marketing list in excess of 5,000 members tend to work with us on migrating to Klaviyo in order to extract more revenue from their list. By switching to a platform that uses data points that can actually predict when customers will purchase, clients of this size tend to see the biggest uplift after working with us.

If you’ve acquired email addresses, but not seeing significant revenue from email marketing, you’re actively leaving money on the table. At Blend, our task is to help you pull the value from your list, and here’s how we’ll do it:

1. Audit - Before speaking with one of our Klaviyo experts, many clients opt to have our team audit their current email platform and strategy to assess how Klaviyo could help bring value.

2. Report - Your Klaviyo expert will then run you through the areas where cash is actively being lost from your current approach to email marketing. They’ll also outline how Klaviyo and Blend can help plug these holes with automated flows, campaigns and integrations with apps.

3. Onboarding - Once the project brief and scope are agreed, your dedicated project manager will complete the onboarding process to our easy to use project management tool. You’ll have full visibility of our work and clear milestones for your project, including the actions we need you to complete.

4. Implement and Review - Using a structured review process, you’ll get to understand the logic and process used by Blend during implementation and be able to discuss the approach taken by our team.

5. Train - At the completion of your migration, we’ll provide you with bespoke video based training to ensure you have a clear understanding of Klaviyo and your automated flows.

After successfully migrating to Klaviyo, you’ll then begin your initial 3 month email management program with Blend to actively manage email marketing for sales.

2. Klaviyo email management

If you’ve setup automated flows for Klaviyo and run the occasional campaign to drive sales, you’re not alone. We see many clients who are underutilising the full power of Klaviyo, but don’t have the time to analyse and optimise Klaviyo for sales.

For Klaviyo users with a list of over 5,000, Blend provides a fully managed service for A/B testing automations and campaigns, as well as full design and execution of email campaigns to drive sales. By taking a structured and data driven approach to optimising email, we’re able to generate significant improvements to open, click and purchase rate for existing Klaviyo users. 

To help you maximise sales from your valuable email list, we’ve developed a process built for busy Shopify entrepreneurs, just like you:

1. Analyse - We’ll initially work with you on a Klaviyo email audit, which will assess and report on where we see that changes can be made in your email approach to increase sales performance. One of our Klaviyo experts will then discuss these findings with you.

2. Onboarding - Once the project brief and scope are agreed, your dedicated project manager will complete the onboarding process to our easy to use project management tool. You’ll have full visibility of our work and clear milestones for your project, including the actions we need you to complete.

3. Implement and Review - During the implementation phase, you’ll start to see the analysis from stage 1 be put into practice and how your approach to email marketing will change for the better.

4. Launch - Once initial campaigns and amendments to automated flows are completed, we’ll launch the new emails to clients. We’ll keep a close eye on performance, and collate the data ready for your first monthly review call.

5. Report - Using the data from the first month, we’ll show you how your new email automations and campaigns have performed, as well as outlining the A/B testing to be carried out in Month 1 and the reasoning for these tests.

6. Test - Once your first monthly review call is completed, we’ll begin implementing our A/B testing on your Klaviyo automated flows and campaigns. We’ll then continue this process of testing and optimising to grow your store sales through email.

Ready to increase sales through email marketing?

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Why choose Blend to help with Klaviyo?

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have with Klaviyo?
We’ve been working exclusively with Klaviyo for a number of years, which means we’ve become true experts in the setup of Klaviyo, but specialise in actively managing Klaviyo accounts to drive sales. In addition, we have a close relationship with key internal stakeholders and regularly attend partner and user Klaviyo conferences, including Klaviyo:LDN and Klaviyo:BOS.
Why choose Klaviyo over other email platforms?
Having previously worked with clients using other leading email platforms, we’ve seen first hand how Klaviyo improves deliverability through advanced segmentation, which in turn boosted sales for the brands we work with.
How long will it take to migrate to Klaviyo from another platform?
Typically our clients migrate from MailChimp, and this tends to take between 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of your automated flows. To get a more accurate assessment, contact us here.
Do you setup, design and write copy for emails?
Yes. Our aim is to handle the full email operation for your business to save you time and improve performance from your current state.
How much will it cost to migrate to Klaviyo?
This is highly dependent on the amount and complexity of your existing automated flows. To get a more accurate assessment, contact us here.
How much will it cost to manage my Klaviyo account?
This is highly dependent on the amount and complexity of your existing automated flows and the amount of campaigns you want to run for your brand. To get a more accurate assessment, contact us here.

Why Klaviyo users choose Blend

We specialise in Klaviyo only

We’re so confident in the ability of Klaviyo to generate sales, we’ve built our marketing services offer around the platform. Our approach means that marketing apps and services work seamlessly with email marketing to deliver top notch customer experience for better conversion.

We keep up to date with Klaviyo

As Klaviyo Master Partners, we have a strong relationship with internal Klaviyo stakeholders. In addition we also attending Klaviyo conferences worldwide. Using these relationships and knowledge, we’re able to bring the newest Klaviyo features to users, sooner.

We’re focused on data as much as Klaviyo

Like Klaviyo, we understand the power of data and using it to take action. Using data, we’re able to explain and implement email strategies for clients that show a true return on investment (ROI).

Time to discuss your email marketing?

Due to the uniqueness of our Klaviyo email management service, we tend to see strong demand for our teams services, year round. If you believe you will have a need within the next 4-12 weeks for Klaviyo related services, we strongly recommend that you make contact now.