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Why Blend Commerce

Before considering Blend Commerce, we need to tell you what we don’t do. It’s only fair.

  • We don’t create website builds. A website is not equal to a business, and we will never work with clients who simply want a builder - we do not build hotels in the desert.
  • We don’t just hope for the best. All decisions made by us are in conjunction with clients and use data to provide evidence for decisions and recommendations.
  • We don’t do email tennis. Communication is our forte, and we believe emails can be like kryptonite for us and our clients. We use project management tools to keep clients up to speed on their project, as well as regular communication through Skype and Zoom.

    In all honesty, we believe that creating a Shopify store needs to be a holistic activity that incorporates all of the strategic thinking needed when creating a bricks and mortar store. Yes you need a great store window, but if your customers can’t see it, what's the point?

    Based on what you’ve read today, we’d now like to offer you two options. These options are always open but as you’ll see from our booking system, our consultations do get booked quickly. In addition to this, we only work with a handful of clients per month - it's the only way we can continue to do what do with our clients. So, how about you?