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Think about a 5-star luxury resort. Crystal clear pools, cabanas with white linen sheets, exquisite french cuisine and point perfect service. Sounds great, right?

Now imagine the resort in the middle of a sweltering desert. No road access, no signs from a highway, no glossy brochures in your local travel agent. Imagine now that you own that resort. Imagine that resort is your sole income, which you’ve poured your time, energy and hard-earned money into. Scary, right?

This worries us and unfortunately, we see this happening many times over. Not 5-star resorts crumbling in the beating sun, but online stores built by committed and enthusiastic online entrepreneurs. Exceptionally crafted online stores with customer-focused functionality and incredible copy, but with no traffic… It's a painful sight. We don’t like vacations in the desert, and we know you won’t either.

At Blend, we don't build hotels in the desert. We work alongside entrepreneurs to help craft online businesses that are places where customers want to be - and know how to get there. Solid infrastructure, clear design and data-driven marketing strategy help our clients to build thriving Shopify stores that help achieve their goals. Combining your understanding and passion for your products and services with our expertise and experience of building and growing thriving Shopify stores creates a formula that works for us and our clients.

So, how do we avoid building ‘hotels in the desert' or what can we do if it’s been built already?

See below to learn more about how Blend Commerce could work with you.