What experience do you have in launching, growing and automating shopify stores? I want to see examples of successful businesses you’ve worked with.

The Blend Commerce team has helped to launch, grow and automate a wide range of Shopify businesses, ranging from women's fashion boutiques, to dive stores, to t-shirt stores. Take a look at some examples of brands that we have worked with:

Who works for you and what is their experience?

Our team consists of developers, designers, social media experts, marketing strategists and SEO consultants - all the guys you need to avoid building a hotel in the desert. Find out more about the team here.

Could I not just hire freelancers to take care of everything?

Yes, you could. However, our perspective is that a fully coordinated team, all with the same focus produces the best results. Every recommendation we provide in our proposals is evaluated by our whole team. Whilst this doesn’t mean that a great developer can’t be a great marketer, we feel that by having specialists in different fields adds to the overall strength and success of the projects we work on with clients.

What happens once my site is launched? Will I ever hear from you again?

Whilst we won’t expect an invite for dinner, we will keep in touch post launch. Many of our current clients are repeat clients, looking to constantly improve and update, when market conditions change. We’ll keep you up to date from our industry contacts and sources via our client blog, and we’ll always be here to discuss ideas with you.

Will my site be successful if I choose Blend Commerce?

We would love to be able to guarantee success, but it’s simply not possible. What we can guarantee is that the proposals and advice we provide is based on the success we have enjoyed with previous clients, and using data as a key driver for decision making. Our clients businesses reflect heavily on our business, so it’s heavily in our interest to help create and develop strong and successful brands.

What happens if I disagree with your ideas for my business?

That's great! We want to work with committed and passionate entrepreneurs. Equally, our clients want to work with a partner that challenges them to examine multiple options. Blend Commerce will always make suggestions that we feel fit the objectives of our partners, and if they disagree, we’ll debate, discuss and move forward with the choices that they ultimately make.