E-commerce Growth Partnership | CRO & Growth Marketing

How long do your growth partnerships last for?
Growth partnerships start with an initial 4 month period, with many of our clients deciding to extend for between 12 and 18 months.
How much will I need to invest per month on a growth partnership?
This is highly dependent on the current performance of your store, but most clients that work with Blend tend to have sales in excess of $50k per month.
Can I just work with Blend on an ‘Ad-hoc’ basis?
While we do provide Ad-hoc theme customisations, these tend to be best suited for store owners who have a clear objective for a single issue. In our experience, most Shopify store owners have multiple items to address and a growth partnership provides much better value than Ad-hoc customisations.
How long will it take to see results from the growth partnership with Blend?
For some clients, we’ve seen immediate uplifts in sales yet for a true ability to assess impact, we always recommend a 90-day period before assessing performance based on data and in line to initial objectives.