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If your store is generating revenue between $50K and $150K per month, the chances are you’ll be looking at the growth plan for your business over the next 12 to 18 months. If you’re not already on Shopify Plus, assessing if Plus makes sense is likely to be on your mind. With being so close to your business, it's easy to feel overwhelmed on what decisions to make to continue your growth.

Why a growth partnership?

Shopify Store owners with a high growth brand often have one of three key goals:

1. Reducing workload
2. Financial freedom
3. Exit through sale

Regardless of the goal, we’ve worked with clients to develop and implement strategies over 4 to 24 months to help them hit these goals. By combining their expertise in their brand and our expertise in high converting Shopify stores, clients can achieve more, quicker with a growth partnership.

How Blend can help

Our speciality at Blend is working with ‘Pre-Plus’ Shopify merchants to achieve the fastest path to growth. For us, this means providing our clients with access to our full range of growth marketing and conversion rate optimisation services and delivering results based off a data driven strategy in the mid-to-long term. Specifically, we’ll work collaboratively on the following steps:

1. Discuss - After making contact with Blend, your growth specialist will arrange a call to discuss your issues and objectives for growing your Shopify store. You’ll be able to have an honest, open and confidential discussion with someone who truly knows what you're facing.

2. Report - Using data provided by you, your growth specialist will walk you through an audit of the growth opportunities we see for your business and a suggested time scale on how these should be capitalised on, based on our experience with similar brands.

3. Implement - Once agreeing on a timeline for our growth partnership, the Blend team will begin implementing CRO, theme customisation and marketing strategy for your business. Typically clients work with us on a 4 to 12 month basis.

4. Review - Each month, your dedicated account manager will provide you with digestible reporting and agree the implementations for the following month.

5. Assess - At the end of your initial growth partnership, your account manager will walk you through the impact of the project and discuss ways that we can continue to help your business grow.

Ready to grow?

Contact us now to connect to our team of OOTS experts and begin improving your bottom line.

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Sarah Lowther, NICS

Sarah Lowther, NICS

"Blend took our dream and made it a reality, one that has come together even better than we could have possibly imagined. We are blown away by not only our website but how all of our marketing and email communications look and work seamlessly."
Anthony Pratico, ChopValue

Anthony Pratico, ChopValue

"Blend’s attention to detail and .liquid programming knowledge is second to none. With regularity, they make the impossible happen. If you ever say 'well Shopify can't do that' I'd ask Blend first…"

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your growth partnerships last for?
Growth partnerships start with an initial 4 month period, with many of our clients deciding to extend for between 12 and 18 months.
How much will I need to invest per month on a growth partnership?
This is highly dependent on the current performance of your store, but most clients that work with Blend tend to have sales in excess of $50k per month.
Can I just work with Blend on an ‘Ad-hoc’ basis?
While we do provide Ad-hoc theme customisations, these tend to be best suited for store owners who have a clear objective for a single issue. In our experience, most Shopify store owners have multiple items to address and a growth partnership provides much better value than Ad-hoc customisations.
How long will it take to see results from the growth partnership with Blend?
For some clients, we’ve seen immediate uplifts in sales yet for a true ability to assess impact, we always recommend a 90-day period before assessing performance based on data and in line to initial objectives.

Why Shopify merchants choose to partner with Blend

We’re problem solvers

Our success and growth as a business is directly linked to the success of our clients. By ensuring that we focus on solving problems rather than selling big ideas, we’ve been able to help our clients truly be successful. 


We’re under one roof

With a team of developers, designers, CRO experts and marketers, Blend can offer clients all that they need from one agency. By having one point of contact, this means Shopify store owners can free up valuable time on managing their business.

We’re trusted by leading tech partners

Due to our depth of experience, leading tech brands choose to partner with Blend. Out of the Sandbox, Archetype, Klaviyo, ReCharge SMSBump and Facebook are all key strategic partners, indicating our expertise.

Ready to get started?

As a small team, we’re only able to form 3 growth partnerships per quarter. If you’d like to tackle your store growth immediately, please make contact now to check availability.