Facebook Ad Management - Audits | Setups | Management

What results can I expect from Facebook Ads?
Our target minimum return for all clients is to achieve 2.5 ROAS for all clients within 3 months, although some campaigns developed by Blend have achieved ROAS of between 15 and 42.
Can you guarantee results?
No. As with all marketing, there are many factors external to the advertising campaign that can affect sales, and most of these are beyond the control of a marketer. Any guarantees of returns by a marketer should be approached with severe caution.
Do you run Facebook and Instagram Ads?
Yes. Both platforms are controlled through Facebook Ad Manager and we test placements to assess where ads best convert for your business.
How much will I need to invest on Facebook Ads each month?
This is highly dependent on your current sales and objectives, but clients with sales between $30,000 and $150,000 tend to see the best results and value when working with Blend on Facebook Ad Management.
Does Blend create visuals and copy, as well as schedule ads?
Yes. Using imagery and videography provided by you, we’ll create visuals that are both aligned with your brand guidelines and convert for your brand. Copy is created to drive sales, yet balances this with the persona of your business.
Can I run my own Facebook ads at the same time to compare performance?
We firmly discourage this. Running additional ads from your account skews pixel data and inevitably drives up the overall cost of ads, as doing so can create competition between ads for your brand. Ultimately, we want to work with brands who trust our expertise and we believe that working with us on a 3-month minimum contract provides a low risk option to fully verify how we can help your brand grow sales.