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For most Shopify merchants, a 2.5 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is the benchmark return for profitable Facebook Advertising across all campaigns. We know that the reality for many Shopify merchants is far lower.

By working with a range of high growth Shopify brands, we understand the need for driving high quality traffic for sales and not just for ‘brand awareness’ is key. Being able to effectively use your current traffic and customer data is the big challenge in getting this right to deliver the sales you need to scale.

Why use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your Shopify store?

For all Shopify merchants, Facebook Advertising still offers the greatest access to qualified traffic based on one of the world’s most complex marketing algorithms. More simply, we’ve seen how Facebook delivers the lowest cost converting traffic for scaling brands. Shopify merchants that can access high performing ads over 10 ROAS within 3 months often continue to see this in the long run.

How Blend helps Shopify store owners generate sales with Facebook

Blend works with stores who have over 15,000 visitors per month, but are not converting those visitors to buyers. As a recognised Facebook Marketing Partner, we have the expertise to work with Shopify merchants who are currently using Facebook ads and those who are not.

Ultimately our job is to help you achieve sales growth with Facebook ads, and we have a tried and tested approach to implementing this for clients, just like you:

1. Facebook Ad Management Setup Service

If you’ve grown your Shopify store through organic traffic, no doubt you’ll have questions on how long this can last, especially if your business is over 12 months old. Deciding on which paid marketing channels to support organic traffic can be tricky, but our in-house data shows that Facebook ads provide the best way to drive sales for brands looking for growth.

If you currently have store visits of over 15,000 per month and not using Facebook ads to drive sales, there’s a huge untapped market for your product. As your Facebook Advertising partner, we’re here to help turn this into cash. Here’s how we’ll get started:

Analyse - To understand your starting point, our team of Facebook specialists will assess your Facebook Pixel and Facebook Ads Manager account to understand what setup needs to be completed to get you started with driving sales to your store.

Plan - Once our team has completed the analysis, we’ll explain the steps that are needed to setup Facebook ads for your business, and recommend how Blend can assist to turn Facebook ads into a serious revenue stream for your business.

Onboard - Once the project brief and scope are agreed, your dedicated project manager will complete the onboarding process to our easy to use project management tool. You’ll have full visibility of our work and clear milestones for the setup of your Facebook account and chosen monthly management service.

Implement - The team will then implement and test the required actions to correctly setup your Facebook Ad account and walk you through this once complete. Once setup is complete, we’ll begin working on launching your first Facebook Ads as part of your chosen Monthly Facebook Ad Management service.

2. Monthly Facebook Ad Management

If you’re currently running ads or have done in the past, it's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the process, and underwhelmed by the results. Regardless of whether your implementing Facebook Ads yourself or having implementation by an agency, seeing losses or stagnating returns can lead you to question Facebook Ads as a marketing channel.

Facebook Ad’s should provide you with 2 things: Returns and Clarity. While returns should be growing, you also need to have full understanding of how Facebook Ad strategy helps you achieve your business objectives. Here’s how Blend will provide you with both:

Analysis -We’ll initially review your current Facebook Ad performance and provide analysis of the current performance of your ads, as well as completing a full audit of your Facebook Ad Account setup,  pixel and assets

Strategy -Once our team has completed the analysis, we’ll provide our feedback on the current performance and indicate where we feel the approach needs to be changed for better results, as well as any changes that are required for the correct setup of your Facebook Ad Account. Finally, we’ll discuss and agree our recommended monthly management service.

Onboard -Once the project brief and scope are agreed, your dedicated project manager will complete the onboarding process to our easy to use project management tool. You’ll have full visibility of our work and clear milestones for the monthly Facebook ad management process.

Implement -The initial step of implementation will be to firmly define the strategy for your brand and provide you with initial drafts of your campaigns by Blend. Following this, we’ll design, create and schedule your campaigns designed to drive traffic and sales.

Test -Your dedicated Facebook account manager will ensure that your ads are rigorously tested and optimised with a focus on improving ROAS.

Report -Each month, you’ll receive a clear report detailing the performance and logic for your ad campaigns, as well as a call with your dedicated Facebook Ad Manager to discuss specific questions regarding progress towards improved sales through Facebook Ads.

Ready to increase sales with Facebook Ads?

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Why Choose Blend?

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect from Facebook Ads?
Our target minimum return for all clients is to achieve 2.5 ROAS for all clients within 3 months, although some campaigns developed by Blend have achieved ROAS of between 15 and 42.
Can you guarantee results?
No. As with all marketing, there are many factors external to the advertising campaign that can affect sales, and most of these are beyond the control of a marketer. Any guarantees of returns by a marketer should be approached with severe caution.
Do you run Facebook and Instagram Ads?
Yes. Both platforms are controlled through Facebook Ad Manager and we test placements to assess where ads best convert for your business.
How much will I need to invest on Facebook Ads each month?
This is highly dependent on your current sales and objectives, but clients with sales between $30,000 and $150,000 tend to see the best results and value when working with Blend on Facebook Ad Management.
Does Blend create visuals and copy, as well as schedule ads?
Yes. Using imagery and videography provided by you, we’ll create visuals that are both aligned with your brand guidelines and convert for your brand. Copy is created to drive sales, yet balances this with the persona of your business.
Can I run my own Facebook ads at the same time to compare performance?
We firmly discourage this. Running additional ads from your account skews pixel data and inevitably drives up the overall cost of ads, as doing so can create competition between ads for your brand. Ultimately, we want to work with brands who trust our expertise and we believe that working with us on a 3-month minimum contract provides a low risk option to fully verify how we can help your brand grow sales.

Why Shopify Merchants choose Blend to manage their Facebook Ads

We’re exclusively for Shopify Merchants

As listed and specialised Shopify Expert Agency for a number of years, we only work with Shopify based online businesses. This means our eCommerce Facebook Ad specialists have specific expertise in driving traffic and sales to Shopify stores, which is ideal for brands like yours.

We have an ‘open’ reporting policy

Many clients we work with have experienced ‘data-overload’ from Facebook ads. We have a policy of reporting on a focused number of metrics to allow you to simply evaluate the benefits of Ads. Regardless of the outcome, we’ll explain why we believe it's happening and what we plan to do to maintain growth or resolve issues.

We understand how Facebook integrates with other Shopify tools

As key strategic partners with Klaviyo, Octane AI & SMS Bump, our clients benefit from our expertise in connecting marketing channels to improve overall sales. By keeping up to date with the latest Facebook Ad integrations, we’re able to help you maximise the sales potential for your store.

Time to discuss your Facebook Ads?

Please note that our currently availability for Facebook Ad Management and setup is limited, due to existing client ramp-up. Please make contact now to check to discuss your needs.