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Out of the Sandbox (OOTS) Shopify themes are a logical choice for entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level. 

Working with OOTS users day in day out, we understand how hard it can be to decide on which features and theme customisations to help drive conversion. With endless customisations possible, assessing which ones will increase your profitability is complex.

While a great looking store is important, data proves that functionality that helps turn your visitors to customers is the key to growth and profitability.

Why use a customised OOTS theme for your store?

Having worked with countless Shopify store owners, we’ve learnt that a structured and data-driven approach to theme customisation can directly improve conversion rates and Average Order Value (AOV). In our experience, Shopify Merchants that take action sooner rather than later reduce their risk of leaving money on the table.

How Blend helps Out of the Sandbox merchants

We’re experts at helping scaling brands optimise OOTS themes to help them improve their bottom line. As strategic partners with Out of the Sandbox for a number of years, we have significant experience of driving up conversion and sales for OOTS theme users.

Whether you’re planning to switch to an OOTS theme, or looking to optimise your current OOTS theme, we can help:

Our OOTS Services

1. Theme customisation for existing OOTS Shopify merchants

If you’re an existing OOTS user, it's likely that increasing your conversion rate and AOV is on your mind, but you're in need of some expert advice on how best to turn the needle.

Shopify store owners with traffic over 15,000 unique visits a month and a strong product offer tend to work with us on theme customisation projects. By making subtle conversion rate changes that create significant revenue increases, clients of this size and above often see a financial uplift after working with us.

If you're getting less than a 2% conversion rate, you're not only leaving money on the table, you're actively losing money. It's our job to help you get that cash into the bank as efficiently as possible, and here’s the process we’ll use to do that:

Data - Before you speak to one of our OOTS experts, we’ll analyse your data to determine where your key growth opportunities are. Our goal is to determine the fastest path to growth for your business.

Plan - Your OOTS expert will run through our list of recommendations according to your data. We’ll outline what steps you need to take, and what actions are going to make the most difference to your CRO. We’ll outline clear expectations of what we intend to deliver and how we expect it to improve the financial performance of your store.

Onboarding - Once the project brief and scope are agreed, your dedicated project manager will complete the onboarding process to our easy to use project management tool. You’ll have full visibility of our work and clear milestones for your project.

Review - Our team of experts will work closely with you throughout the implementation phase to ensure you’re updated every step of the way.

Most clients then choose to work with us on an ongoing basis on our Growth Partnership program to ensure they can reach their full potential with the store.

2. Shopify store redesign using an OOTS Shopify theme

If you’ve been running a Shopify store for 12 months or more, no doubt you’ll be carefully monitoring the profitability of your business and looking at ways to maximise it. With so many themes available, taking the time to assess which theme to use is both time-consuming and confusing.

Working with OOTS themes for the past few years has meant we’ve become true experts in understanding what an OOTS theme can do for a Shopify store, and here’s how we’ll help you make the switch:

Assess - After making contact with Blend, your OOTS expert will assess your store, current theme and the issues you feel your store has with stagnant conversion

Report - Your OOTS expert will then discuss their findings and they’ll explain how they feel an OOTS theme could specifically help your business.

Roadmap - Once you decide to move forward with Blend, we’ll define the roadmap for the redesign of your Shopify store with an OOTS theme and agree this with you in the project scope and brief.

Onboarding - Your project will start with a ‘kick-off meeting’ where your dedicated project manager will complete the onboarding process. You’ll have full visibility of our work and clear milestones for the project, as well as clear communication on what you’ll need to provide us with.

Coach - Before re-launching your store, you’ll receive bespoke training on specific customisations to your Shopify store to ensure you have full understanding to manage your new business asset.

Iterate - Once the new store is launched, the process of optimising will continue. Many clients opt to work with us on our growth partnership program to continue their path to improving their bottom line.

Ready to take action?

Contact us now to connect to our team of Growth experts and begin improving your bottom line.

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Bec Clark, Kivari Boutique

Bec Clark, Kivari Boutique

“We can certainly see why Out of the Sandbox selected Blend as partners. I couldn't rate Blend Commerce higher. They were able to deliver a great site with amazing customer service and support, both before, during and after launch.”
Jake Worby, USAG

Jake Worby, USAG

“After working with Blend on redesigning our Shopify store with an Out of the Sandbox theme, we saw an immediate increase in our conversion rate and are now averaging a 4.5% conversion, versus a 2% conversion before we worked with Blend.”
Ryan Zagata, Brooklyn Bicycle Co

Ryan Zagata, Brooklyn Bicycle Co

"We’ve gotten heaps of praise since we relaunched our site and our conversion rate is also tracking considerably higher."

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you ‘experts’ in Out of the Sandbox themes?
We’ve worked almost exclusively with Out of the Sandbox themes for the past 4 years, gaining deep experience of the Turbo theme in particular. The Out of the Sandbox Flex theme has now also become a key theme that we work with for high growth Shopify brands.
Should I choose the Out of the Sandbox Turbo theme or the Out of the Sandbox Flex theme?
This will depend on your store data and customer behaviour. Turbo and Flex have some specific differences which can benefit different types of brands. Read our blog here to find out more about Flex and Turbo.
What type of customisations have you built for Out of the Sandbox themes?
From a product customiser for a baseball bat company, to a custom bundle builder for a beauty brand - we’ve designed, built and implemented a wide range of customisations that have helped store owners to boost conversion rate, AOV and repeat purchase rate.
How long will it take to see results from OOTS theme customisations?
As you’ll see from our case studies, some clients see immediate results from our work. With that being said, we believe that at least 3 months of data should be used to make an assessment of the impact of any changes to Shopify themes.
How quickly can you implement changes to OOTS themes?
This will vary depending on your specific needs, but in some circumstances we can provide ‘rush services’ if our team has capacity and at an additional cost. The best way to get a clear answer is to make contact with us here.
How will I know if it really makes sense to switch to an Out of the Sandbox theme?
As a results based business, we can only continue to grow if our clients do. Due to this, it only makes sense to recommend a switch to an OOTS theme if we truly believe it will improve your stores sales performance. As part of our initial process, we discuss and share our honest feedback with you on the reason for or against switching to an OOTS theme.
Do you offer support and training on Out of the Sandbox themes?
Yes. All of our work comes with full handover documentation, training and sign-off to ensure you have what you need to make the most of a redesigned store or customisations to an Out of the Sandbox theme.

Why OOTS merchants love working with Blend

We’re true experts

Having generated significant results for countless Shopify merchants using OOTS themes, we truly feel that we are experts in OOTS themes. We have developed a wide range of customisations with OOTS themes that we know can improve your conversion and sales.

We’re advisors, not sellers

With our team’s deep expertise in OOTS themes, we're able to objectively assess if customisations will turn the needle for your business. From client feedback, we know our ability to explain and advise is the reason why clients choose to work with us over other agencies.

We’re focused on metrics

From day one of working with clients, we focus on 6 key metrics to help assess the growth potential of a Shopify store. We use these metrics to plan, execute and analyse our work with OOTS themes to ensure we’re truly adding value to our client’s businesses.

Want To know more?

If your target for launching a new customisation or theme switch is less than 10 weeks, make contact now.

As a small team we have limited availability for projects.