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Automate your Shopify store

Cutting the lawn with scissors and the Krispy Kreme without the glaze.

It’s a sunny afternoon and you know your lawn needs a trim. You throw on your old slacks and that college t-shirt (that’s now way too tight) and head to the garden. You pull out your scissors and begin snipping. It’s all good, you’ll be done in a couple of days. Now you’ve finished the lawn - which looks okay, you tuck into your favorite Krispy Kreme doughnut. As you bite in, you realise that familiar sticky and crunchy glaze in missing. It’s okay, but it’s not great. For us, these are two experiences that typify the experiences of more established Shopify entrepreneurs. Either:

a) Our clients know what they need to achieve, but don’t have the correct tools to do it (like cutting the grass with scissors); or
b) Have a good store, but need that little extra to make it great (like that Krispy Kreme without the glaze).

We’ve found that the ideal scenario for experienced Shopify entrepreneurs is to have the flexibility of having a well-developed set of skills at their disposal, without the hassle of having to learn new processes and achieving their goals quickly. In doing this, entrepreneurs can focus on what they really love about their business. While for some this might be a theme tweak here or there, for others it may be managing their store full-time. Passions change, focus changes, but maintaining success in a Shopify store will always be a key objective. It’s finding the route that works for them, in their specific circumstances.

At Blend, we provide our clients with access to those flexible skill sets, with options that fit with a range of specific circumstances. Whether that’s small tweaks and changes with our small-sized changes through to creating a large scale marketing plan, our holistic team of developers, designers, marketers and managers help our clients achieve their objectives:


What does it mean to Automate?

Anthony Pratico, a director of a leading Shopify Plus store explains how Blend Commerce's Automate services aids his business:

As most Shopify store owners will tell you, finding a development partner that can communicate well and deliver what’s needed is hard to find. It’s absolutely crucial that we can deliver changes to our site quickly and effectively, so as to avoid any impact on our conversions. What I personally love about Blend is their ability to understand what we need and get it done. Blend is an integral partner to our business.

How do I know which Automate services I'll need?

You can firstly take a look at the descriptions of our services below:

If you’re unsure about which option is best, you can contact us by clicking here.

Why wouldn’t I use a freelancer, rather than a development retainer?

This certainly can be a cheaper option, but our clients tell us that the ability to have someone who is focused and clear on their short-term and long-term objectives are important when working on one of their key business assets - their Shopify store. Rather than taking on the risk and responsibility of bringing on a member of staff, a development retainer provides a great deal of flexibility.

Prior to working with Shopify store owners, many members of our team worked in businesses where they interacted with consultants and outsourced employees. In the early stages of our business, we had a meeting where we all agreed that the worst element of working in this way was communication. Whether it be dishonest, inaccurate or non-existent - they all had a negative impact on our work life. We agreed that day that we would not let our clients have the same experience. That’s why we believe in good old-fashioned talking and use a simple project management software so our clients are always in the loop. Simple.

While we do have a fairly flexible schedule for automated services like small-sized changes and medium-sized changes, demand for these services can be very high at peak times of the year. As always, the best option is to take action.