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About Us

Before you consider Blend Commerce for your Shopify store marketing, we need to tell you what we will and what we won’t do. It’s only fair.

We will:

  • Give you honest, frank and data-driven advice. We think honesty is the best policy. From day one, we’ll always give you our honest opinion and guidance based both on our experience from working with Shopify store owners, and data-driven metrics.
  • Communicate frequently. A key irritation of working with consultants and outsourced staff is poor communication. The number one point of feedback from our clients is always that they like the way we offer a free 30-minute call at the start of a project. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a consulting partner, and for communication to stay frequent throughout a project.
  • Treat your business as a reflection of our own. Like our clients, we’re in a results-driven business. If our clients' businesses aren’t successful, this reflects on us. That’s why all decisions we make and recommendations we provide are always in the interests of clients. Our clients interests = our interests.

We won’t:

  • Just create a website build. A website is not equal to a business, and we will never work with clients who simply want a builder - we do not build hotels in the desert.
  • Just hope for the best. All decisions made by us are in conjunction with clients and use data to provide evidence for decisions and recommendations.
  • Do email tennis. Communication is our forte, and we believe emails can be like kryptonite for us and our clients. We use project management tools to keep clients up to speed on their project, as well as regular communication through Skype and Zoom.

So that is who we are. Now we’d like to hear from you.

Our team

Our team consists of developers, designers, social media experts, marketing strategists and SEO consultants - all the guys you need to avoid building a hotel in the desert. Find out more about the core team below:

Adam - Head of Marketing & Operations

Adam leads on the marketing and strategy focus for Blend's clients. Previously a Sales and Marketing Director, Adam believes in taking a holistic approach to marketing Shopify stores - ensuring that design, development and marketing work hand in hand to achieve client goals.

Phil - Head of Design & Development

Phil leads the design and development focus for Blend clients. Having worked with some of the worlds biggest brands on the design of web and application assets, Phil also has a wealth of technical experience. For clients working with Blend on Shopify store setups and redesigns, Phil acts as the central point of contact.

Peter - Lead E-commerce Consultant

As an experienced Shopify consultant, Peter works with clients to understand how Shopify can transform their online business. Having designed, built and delivered Shopify stores for a multitude of clients, Peter understands the needs of our clients and works with great focus to ensure the best outcomes for all Blend projects.

Becky - Marketing Consultant

Becky works closely with Blend's clients to market and manage their Shopify store. From coordinating social media marketing to full website management, Becky brings direction, organization and a friendly face to all of the clients she works with.

Emma - Marketing Consultant

Emma works hand in hand with Becky to deliver exceptional service to clients. Having come from a background in managing operations for a startup that grew to IPO within 3 years, Emma has experience in the growing pains of young businesses.

Cole - Developer

Cole provides a meticulous and focused approach to the sites that he works on, and keeps at the forefront of Shopify updates to ensure Blend can help clients stay ahead of the curve. Cole’s focus on detail is unrivaled and provides great insight to the projects he works on.

Lauren - Marketing Consultant

Lauren works closely with Adam on the creation of marketing strategy and content for Blend clients. Having honed her skills within an e-commerce and B2B business, Lauren is well versed in the marketing needs of businesses in a competitive workplace.