Shopify store teardown

Getting honest feedback on your Shopify site is tough, especially if you don’t have a wide base of customers to engage with. Your friends and family will tell you it’s great and you’ll get divided opinions on the Shopify Facebook group you are a part of. So, how to proceed? The Blend Commerce Shopify Store Teardown provides you with a direct, end-to-end review from our Development Lead and Director of Marketing, with actionable steps on how to improve the objectives you're trying to achieve.

Price - $499

Get your Shopify store teardown now for $499

What is it?

Once you’re ready to proceed with the Shopify Store Teardown, we’ll organise a meeting for our Development Lead and Director of Marketing. During their meeting, they’ll take a look at your website for the first time, without you providing any information about you or your business. They’ll then assess your site for strengths and weaknesses and evaluate its impact on your store.

Once this is complete, they’ll then begin to record their screen as they review your site end-to-end, providing verbal comments on the areas where they feel improvements can be made. This recording will then be sent to you, along with a list of recommended, prioritised actions.

You’ll then be able to develop a clear action plan for improving your Shopify store and achieving your objectives.

Get your Shopify store teardown now for $499