Shopify store roadmapping service

Develop Shopify Store Objectives

Day zero. Jump-off point. Whatever you call it, this is where it begins on your Shopify journey. Our Store roadmapping service enables our clients to develop a clear picture of their objectives which, in turn, enables Blend to develop a clear and full roadmap for the design, development and marketing of your Shopify Store.

Price - $1,499

Get started now for $1,499

What is it?

The Shopify store roadmapping service provides you with a clear plan of how your store should be designed, developed and marketed based on your short-term and long-term objectives. By working with you to help you define your objectives, every element of your Shopify store can be built around these goals. The Shopify store roadmapping service includes the following steps:

1. Outlining your objectives

The first step of your Store roadmap process gives you the opportunity to outline the objectives and focus for your Shopify store under an organised and full framework. Yes, it will make you think, but all of our clients agree this is a crucial first step to defining their store.

2. Blend analysis of objectives

Once you’ve outlined your objectives and focus of your Shopify store, we get honest. Real honest. As we don’t believe in building hotels in the desert, at this point we’ll tell you if we feel you have clear enough objectives for your Shopify store, based on our experience of working with many Shopify store owners. If you do, great, we can head to the next phase of the process. If not, you’ll have two options:

a) Opt for the Demographic Profiling report - The demographic profiling report, time after time, proves to be a unique and invaluable asset to our clients. It helps define their design, development and marketing efforts. Specifically, it addresses:

  • Who are the most engaged customers of your competitors?
  • Where is their a gap in the market demographics for your product?
  • What are their likes, dislikes, shopping habits?
  • When do they interact on social media and how?
  • What do they do at weekends?
  • What social media and site marketing tactics have your competitors used?
  • What elements should be included on your site to attract a valuable target demographic?

Once the report is completed, we can then confidently proceed to the next step of the store roadmapping service process. The investment in the Demographic Profiling report is $799.

b) Opt for a full refund - While we’d always want clients to continue with us on the roadmapping process, we understand if clients do not wish to commit. Being honest, we’re just not happy to create a Shopify store unless there is crystal clear understanding of the objectives and direction of the Shopify store. Our experience shows us that without this, Shopify stores are very likely to fail.

3. Roadmapping call

Now that we have clear and agreed objectives for the business, we invite clients to join us for a roadmapping call. Using the defined objectives for the business, we discuss with our clients their ideas for:

  • Navigation
  • Functionality
  • Trust factors
  • Design

At the conclusion of the call, we then begin our internal brainstorming between development, design and marketing teams to put together our client’s roadmapping report.

4. Delivery of the roadmapping report

Once the Blend team is happy that we’ve roadmapped the store in line with our client's store objectives, we provide the roadmapping report to our clients, which includes:

  • A clear navigational framework for the client's site.
  • Recommendations on design elements, including theme, fonts and colors.
  • Recommendation on custom functionality and use of apps.
  • A full ‘menu’ of Store setup or redesign options that Blend would propose at various budget levels, based on the client’s objectives.

5. Client decision

At this point, our clients have the choice to proceed with our proposals or take the roadmap to alternative vendors. Over 95% of our clients opt to work with Blend on their Shopify store setup or redesign.

Get started now for $1,499