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    +44 (0) 1789 765 822
    +1 (833) 456-4236

    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

      Think about a 5-star luxury resort. Crystal clear pools, cabanas with white linen sheets, exquisite French cuisine, and point-perfect service. Sounds great, right?

      Now imagine the resort in the middle of a sweltering desert. No road access, no signs from a highway, no glossy brochures in your local travel agent. Imagine now that you own that resort. Imagine that resort is your sole income, which you’ve poured your time, energy and hard-earned money into. Scary, right?

      This worries us and unfortunately, we see this happening many times over. Not 5-star resorts crumbling in the beating sun, but online stores built by committed and enthusiastic online entrepreneurs. Exceptionally crafted online stores with customer-focused functionality and incredible copy, but with no traffic… It's a painful sight. We don’t like vacations in the desert, and we know you won’t either.

      At Blend, we don't build hotels in the desert. We work alongside entrepreneurs to help craft online businesses that are places where customers want to be - and know how to get there. Solid infrastructure, clear design and data-driven marketing strategy help our clients to build thriving Shopify stores that help achieve their goals. Combining your understanding and passion for your products and services with our expertise and experience of building and growing thriving Shopify stores creates a formula that works for us and our clients.

      So, how do we avoid building ‘hotels in the desert' or what can we do if it’s been built already?

      So, the ideal scenario is simple - we create our Shopify store with a targeted and focused approach to design and marketing that helps us sell to the clearly defined target market we are aiming for. Simple, hey? Okay, so it's never going to be all sunshine and rainbows, but imagine having that confidence that everything you do in your Shopify business (design, development, marketing) is tied to your main goal of selling to your defined target market. Sounds peaceful, right?

      When it comes to helping our clients grow, that’s exactly our mantra at Blend Commerce. In order to help you grow, we invite our clients to join us for a free 30-consultation to understand the past, present and future of their business, as well as an understanding of their target market. At that point, we then like to propose a menu of items that could help achieve their goals in order of priority. These may include:


      Case Study

      We needed to have a more aggressive focus on giving customers what they came for.

      Ryan Zagata
      Founder of Brooklyn Bicycle Co.

      In 2016, Ryan Zagata approached Blend Commerce with a clear mission - give customers what they came for - and do it well. Ryan founded Brooklyn Bicycle Co. in 2011. Brooklyn Bicycle Co. manufactures and sells recreational bicycles and bicycle accessories. During our initial consultation, Ryan told Blend that their focus is on designing bikes that are stylish, comfortable and affordable – in that order.

      The focus for our project with Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is summed up by Ryan’s assessment:

      Our branding hadn’t been refreshed since 2012 despite our product mix changing and our company evolving. In concert with the new branding, we commissioned a refresh of our Shopify store to align it more aesthetically with our new branding, but also to have a more aggressive focus on giving customers what they came for.

      In order to achieve Ryan’s goals, the initial step for Blend was to hold a free consultation call. During the call, Peter Gardner, the lead developer from Blend recalls the focus: “It was evident from my conversation with Ryan that Brooklyn had a strong message and an even stronger product. Our focus was to work out how to communicate this as effectively as possible to their customers.” Following the consultation call, Peter and the Blend team recommended a Shopify store redesign, including the following key recommendations:

      • Use of the Turbo Theme by Out of The Sandbox - A rich, product-focused theme designed for speed and incredible user experience.
      • Clear and simple navigation - Reducing menu options and clear signposting to get customers to the product, as quickly as possible.
      • Social proof and trust indicators - Using logos of reviewers and PR contributors prominently on the store to encourage customer confidence.

      Following the implementation of the redesign, the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. team had a number of key wins, explained here by Ryan:

      We’ve had heaps of praise since once we relaunched the site. Most importantly, our conversion rate is tracking considerably higher - which is why we’ll continue to work with Blend as a trusted partner.

      For Blend, the key success drivers of the project were:

      • Clearly-defined objectives from day one of the project.
      • Excellent two-way communication between Blend and Brooklyn Bicycle Co.
      • Openness to discuss and challenge ideas from both sides of the team.

      In summary, Ryan had the below to say about his experience working with Blend:

      Blend Commerce were an absolute delight to work with and far exceeded our most elevated expectations. We knew from our initial call with Peter that we were in for a treat when he took the extra time to fully understand our business, making suggestions to both address near-term business challenges and reduce the risk of other future challenges.

      What we really mean by Growth

      When it comes to Growth services, we understand there are lots of choices in the marketplace, with many wonderful promises being made by some of our peers. From guarantees of ‘First page of Google within one month’ to ‘1000 Facebook likes in 1 day,’ we’ve seen them all. We also see the numerous blogs on Social Media Marketing vs SEO and how blogs of the same title seem to suggest alternative solutions each time. It’s confusing, annoying and expensive. Our policy is this: Once we’ve worked with a client to understand their business goals, we then provide a range of options that will help a client get to those goals. Some options will be more expensive and will help achieve that goal quickly, some options will be cheaper and help achieve that goal less quickly. It’s about being realistic and honest with each of our clients - and vice versa.

      You’ll notice too that our Growth services do not just include ‘marketing activities’. For us, all of the work we do isn’t pigeonholed neatly into ‘Development’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Operations’. Our belief is that all of these activities can help our clients to grow, with some clients needing more investment in one or more of those traditional groups than others. While many clients come to us asking for SEO management, many clients opt for a mixture of services, yet still, invest the same budget they had in mind when approaching us.

      As each of our growth clients usually requires the involvement of both our development and marketing team members, we take care to only work with a small group of Grow clients each month, with many of our clients opting to work with us on a quarter to quarter basis.


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