What is SMSBump?

One of the most influential modes of marketing for Shopify Merchants is using SMS to promote their store. It’s quick and easy for the customer to read which can grab their attention. A popular and easy-to-navigate app for doing this on Shopify is SMSBump. SMSBump is a Yotpo Company, which is known as one of the industry-leading e-commerce marketing platforms.

The main reason for SMSBump is to give you, as the Shopify merchant, a way of engaging with your customer base. Text messages that you send can be targeted at a particular demographic so that you’re reaching out to those that the subject relates to. It’s also used to set up automation messages that can be sent to your customers, such as order confirmations or abandoned cart reminders, which reminds the customer to return to the store to complete their purchase.

With an open rate of over 99% and a click-through rate of over 35%, SMSBump has proven to be a successful marketing tool for stores.

How to set up SMSBump on your Shopify Store

Over 27,000 e-commerce businesses are now using SMSBump, due to how easy it is to upload to their stores and maintain. To set this up on your store, the first step is to download the SMSBump app. You will then be presented with an overall dashboard, and the other segments to use. For example, there is the automations tab, where you can access the various marketing campaigns that can be created and personalised for a specific demographic (eg. an abandoned cart automation). These can be easily edited via the app, and also there is an analytics section to view how successful the automated SMS message has been.

SMS Automations
Abandoned cart reminder



One of the best parts of the app to explore is the ‘flow’ section. The main reason for creating a flow is to make your text messages personalised and specific to a set audience. This is done by creating a sequence of automated actions that are based upon particular segments. It is very simple to create this from your SMSBump dashboard. Here you can view existing flows, create news ones and view any drafts you have been working on. To make the process even easier, SMSBump has created some of their own templates that are stored in the flow section for you to easily access and edit. 

SMSBump flows

How SMSBump helps Shopify merchants with sales

SMSBump can be easily built into your Shopify store and is ready to use immediately. It allows you to send personal text messages to your customers, based on their actions, or in some cases, their inactions. For example, you can send ‘thank you’s’ to customers that have just bought from your store or can reach out to those who haven’t visited in a while. To add value to your text, it’s simple to upload a photo or GIF to go alongside it, or to add in the customer’s name, and to brand it. This personalisation will have the impact of standing out from your competitors. It’s also used to separate what is sent to your customers into segments, based on various criteria, such as location or product interests, so that you’re targeting a specific demographic with your campaign.

You can increase your database by building your own signup forms via SMSBump into your store.

There is also a great analytics page as part of the app, where you can delve deeper into your conversion rates, revenue, number of clicks and other important information that is relevant to you and your store.


SMSBump text example

Integrating SMSBump with other apps

To get the most out of your Shopify store, it’s imperative that you choose apps that will assist with business and revenue growth. SMSBump easily integrates with these other apps, such as Gorgias and Recharge, which are also very popular Shopify apps. Using Recharge as an example, your store can be set up to send an automatic payment subscription to your customer via SMSBump each time they sign up for a subscription via ReCharge. Another popular integration is their relationship with Klaviyo. Klaviyo is one of the most popular email marketing apps on Shopify. It makes sense to have contacts that receive marketing campaigns to also be sent text messages, and the database from Klaviyo can be easily imported to SMSBump to ensure you’re reaching your customers via both channels.

Integrating SMSBump with other apps

How much does it cost?

SMSBump offers three packages, and allows you to unsubscribe at any time. Their ‘Lite Package’ is their most basic one, at $19.99 per month. Next is the ‘SMSBump’ package - their most popular one - at $34.99 per month, which has a few more perks than the basic package. The most expensive package has a range of benefits, costing $59.99 per month. Go to https://smsbump.com/pages/pricing for more information on what each package includes.

Examples of ROI from SMSBump

Many business owners have already seen the added value of having SMSBump as part of their store, which is proven by the return they get on their investment. One example is a company called ‘Dreamland Baby’. What started off as a Mum who designed a sleep blanket for her baby, has now become a hugely profitable business, with likewise families buying these products. The store was doing well, but the abandoned cart rate was 10%, so the merchant decided to add the SMSBump app, after hearing about its fantastic benefits from a friend. After sending their first text marketing campaign, they had a phenomenal ROI of 2000% and found their first month’s sales increase by 300%.

Another case study is a store called ‘Itzy Ritzy’, which is a baby product business. When they installed SMSBump, they had an ROI on abandoned cart automation of over 26,000%. The merchants have said that the main reason they chose SMSBump over its competitors was the ease of use and also the fantastic customer service.

How Blend has seen SMS Bump impact on clients stores

Blend recently worked with a high growth lifestyle and apparel store to help them grow their conversion rate and smooth sales due to increasing cyclicality. In using SMS Bump, Blend was able to not only improve abandoned cart rate significantly but also achieve an ROI of 5000% using SMS Bump. To learn more, click here.

Next steps

At Blend Commerce, we offer growth programs with merchants to help them to develop their store further. SMSBump is one of the apps we would recommend during this growth partnership stage and we can help you with the installation of this onto your store. Campaigns can then be sent out via email marketing, which in turn drives long term sales and profit into your business. If you would like to find out more about how we can assist you with this, please click below.

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