Good question. Well, the fact you’re reading this already shows one use. Traffic. Maybe you saw this blog title, it was a question you’ve been asking yourself and you decided to click. Or perhaps you googled it and one of the results was this blog? Without continuing to sound like a smart ass, let's look at why Shopify blogs can be so beneficial for your Shopify store.

Traffic and SEO

Think about google and other search engines like that old friend who always wants to help. When you ask them a question or a recommendation, they rack their brains, pull out old diaries and journals and get you the answer you want. This effectively what google is trying to do. Google want to give their customers the best possible answer to the question being asked. The way that google assesses this is by looking at (using their ever changing algorithms):

  • Which of the thousands of websites out the words and phrases that are within the question being asked, in a logical manner.
  • Of those websites, which other websites are referring people to that website?
  • Which of those websites have a good level of traffic?
  • Which of those websites have been updated most recently?

This means that when thinking about using your Shopify blog, you need to carefully use words that relate to the topic at hand i.e. your keywords. Accompanying this with backlinks to your blog or Shopify store and updating your website frequently will also help your Shopify blog push you up the google search results and in turn, boost your traffic.

Email list building

Just like at the end of this blog, we’re going to ask you for your email address. Now I’ve said that, you might not give it, so I’ll try a little harder. Average email marketing sales conversion rates are consistently higher than sales conversion rates on social media. Whilst we’d never recommend swapping a Shopify Blog out for social media, the cost of creating your blog is also far lower than Facebook ad investment.

Offering a sign up to receive a discount, a free guide, or just more information is a great way to build up your email list. Remember also that these same email addresses can be plugged into a custom audience in Facebook to target those who are genuinely interested in your product or service. Sweet eh?

Adding value to the customer

Now whilst I know that we all think we offer a unique product, we all know deep down that there is someone else offering exactly the same product. I don’t mean to p*ss on the parade, but it’s true. However, what is unique about some brands is the added value that they offer to clients. Think about brand like Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club - free downloads, funny content and random stuff that makes you want to buy their pretty much vanilla product. By using your Shopify Blog to be able to send to existing and potential customers, you’re able to add the value to truly make you unique.

Ok, maybe you're thinking more about a Shopify Blog now, but what to include and how to write it? If you’d like some pointers and 150 words of free copy, just click on the link below to get the ball rolling.


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