If you’ve ever deleted something from your Shopify store and watched as all the data was deleted along with it, you know the anguish we’re talking about here. Not only that, but if anything happens that causes your store to go down, you’re looking at losing an incredible amount of data. At Blend, we certainly understand the importance of your store’s data.

No matter what we’re talking about, whether it’s photographs or business data, backups are always necessary and doing it manually will be too time-consuming so integrating an app like Rewind into your Shopify store will have you smiling, even when you’ve accidentally deleted too many things.

What does Rewind do?

Rewind covers a multitude of things - so you don’t have to. While Shopify is prepared for backups of their entire platform, this doesn’t mean it’s focused just on yours. Their backups are if the entire Shopify platform goes down. If you or someone else who has access accidentally deletes important information or files, someone with access maliciously deletes important data, if a third-party app makes unwanted changes, or if you import a CSV file into your Shopify store that contains an error, you’re at risk of losing all this information. Rewind acts as a backup for your specific store, saving all your important information, files, and data.

Making Sense of Your Data

If you’re not techy, collecting data may seem like it goes over your head. You kind of know why you have the data but it can often just lie in the background. Rewind helps you not only collect the data, archive it, protect it, and all the extra things one must do, but it helps you make sense of the data you’re collecting - supporting your Data Lifecycle Management (DLM). 


Data Lifecycle Management manages the flow of the company’s data throughout its lifecycle from beginning to end. Rewind makes your data management easy and seamless. Read more about DLM and how its implementation works here


A direct and correct tagline from Rewind: No eCommerce is Safe from Disaster of Deletion. In fact, the chances of an online store losing anything, from product images to blog posts you spent hours researching and writing, is large. And the recovery rate isn’t too great either. Rewind is like insurance for your company data - and much like a car, accidents can happen at any point.

Titan Casket on Rewind

Rewind Your Mistakes with Blend

We’ve all made mistakes, but they shouldn’t affect your business. Having a simple backup will improve your business data collection and remove any unwanted errors, whether by you or someone else who has access to your site. If you’d like to gain full control of your company’s data, book a call with Blend.

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