Why is it important to always update your blogs?

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Why is it important to update a blog regularly?

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing marketing environment, a blog is the most cost-efficient and effective way to make your Shopify brand stand out above the rest.


If you have been blogging for an extended period, the chances are that you have older blogs that may be outdated, inaccurate and not up to quality standard. Old and un-updated blog posts will slowly decline in ranking and drive less traffic to your site, so it’s essential to update and optimise your outdated content regularly. Significantly, new potential customers will use the quality and relevance of your blog content to assess your trustworthiness, so from a customer experience point of view, it’s crucial to maintain this channel.

Why is blogging important for your E-Commerce business

Drives Traffic

We all love a fresh website, and so does Google. In the same way, we are unlikely to dwell for too long on a website that has not been updated in a while; Google will move on and find the next best thing. That is where blogging comes in. Every blog post is one more updated and indexed page on your website, which gives your brand an extra opportunity to show up in search engines and drive more traffic to your website organically.

Blogging also provides shareable content for social media, which increases your brand's visibility and can help your business reach new audiences that may not have discovered you yet. The SEO benefits that accompany blogging are endless. Blogging helps your website rank for relevant keywords and search terms, driving more traffic towards your site.

For example, here at Blend, we:

  • Create a blog or article based on a useful topic or idea (like this one).
  • We schedule the sharing of the blog on social media channels and at the same time, schedule an email campaign to various email segments.
  • We then share the blog with some of our partners and request them to share this with their customers.
  • We create a follow-up campaign to reach out to those on our mailing list who accessed the blog and offer more resources and information.
  • We take quotes from the blog and then share these over the coming weeks to generate more traffic to the blog.

So while the creation of the blog offers us the chance to drive traffic organically, it also provides us with the ability to reuse the content and drive traffic over a longer period of time across multiple channels.

Establishes Authority

Today, consumers want more than just an efficient online experience; they want to be informed. So, make sure that you are the one to tell them. Your blog is the best way to introduce yourself and your brand to your customers and answer your customers’ common questions. Creating informative and relevant content that educates and empowers your target customers will establish you as the authority in their eyes and build a sense of trust that will help move the sales process more swiftly.

Sometimes, understanding how to ‘educate’ your audience to develop authority can seem tricky, but here’s a few examples of the type of blog content that could be created:

  • Jewellery Brand - Fly on the wall: Hear from our workshop team on how we create our signature necklaces
  • Soda/Drinks Brand - What’s really inside our drinks? Our ingredients explained.
  • Shoe Brand - Heading to a wedding? See our top 5 ‘tried and tested’ styles for this summers wedding season


Builds Trust

Blogging is a great way to build brand loyalty and nurture relationships with potential and existing customers. Think of your blog as your direct line of communication with your customers. Blogs provide a place to deepen that connection with your customer and help them become more familiar with your brand. Customers are far more likely to buy and promote your brand if they know and trust it. You can give your customers a reason to care about your brand by sharing content they find relatable and engaging.

The key learning for us at Blend here has been about ‘opening up.’ Our potential customers really want to know more about how we think than just the work we do. For example, this blog about work/life balance was one of our most popular blogs at the time of publishing - and importantly, it actually led to enquiries to work with us.

Why do companies use blogs?

The internet can get a little crowded, and telling your story is a sure-fire way of making your brand stand out. Regularly updating your blog is also an opportunity for you to reach your target audience by showing what is at the core of your business and the principles you stand for. A well-written blog is a perfect way to spread the word about the services you offer and reach new people who may be looking for exactly what your brand has to offer. Exciting and engaging posts about your brand will make your customers excited about what you have to offer. You can generate as much content as you want, which increases your site’s visibility.

How do you refresh a blog?

Keep your posts up to date by making sure all your content is relevant. Sure, that 2012 study was interesting, but in 2021 new studies will likely be published with possibly different conclusions that could add an exciting development to your blog post. Sometimes updating your blog can be as simple as bringing any outdated information up to date. Here are a few ways for you to keep your blogs updated and fresh!

Updating your blog posts can be as straightforward as it sounds. It can be as simple as adding some additional paragraphs on recent developments and updates to give an interesting retrospective. Sometimes all your post needs are more. As long as the updates and changes you make are significant, This will indicate to Google that there is new information and drive more traffic to your post.

While you're busy updating your post, this is an excellent opportunity to give your SEO a little extra attention. Update your keywords and always ensure they are still relevant and make sense. You want your primary keyword to appear naturally throughout your body of content, from header to summary. Make sure your images include an alt tag and include a few internal links to your newer content to keep visitors moving back to your site—something like THIS.

How can Blend help you?

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 Here at Blend, your goals are our goals, ultimately we want to help you get the most out of your Shopify Store, and our On-Demand Digital Department is fully equipped to help you maximise your growth! Get in touch with us and keep up to date with our latest tips for growing your e-commerce brand HERE!

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Published: June 07 2021

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