Why You Should Use Langify To Set Up Shopify Multi Language

When expanding internationally, many businesses wonder whether they have to translate their site. After all, English is spoken the world over, right?

Well, according to the top 50 countries in the UNWTO World Tourism Rankings, English is the first language in just eight countries (including the UK and the US). And there are only 28 countries that speak English as a second language.

Our impartial advice is that even if English is the second language in the country you’re expanding into, you should most definitely translate your website if you want to increase your chances of success.

Why Should You Translate Your Website?

There are numerous reasons why you should invest in translation services for your business when expanding abroad. All of which are directly related to revenue. Through translation, you:

Increase Your Customer Base

A study revealed that 72.1% of consumers search in their native language. So, if English is not the primary language spoken in the country you are hoping to expand into, you'll be missing out on a good chunk of potential customers and sales by not translating your website.

Improve Conversion Rate

Likewise, the same study showcased that 74.2% of consumers are more inclined to purchase if the product details are written in their own language.

Raise Trust Signals

When breaking into a new market, poor trust signals can significantly damage a business. If a customer has any inclination to believe that you aren't legitimate, they won't convert. Having your site translated and translated well suggests that you have the means to invest and take the necessary steps to expand into a new territory properly.

Since you won't have any reviews from customers in the country you are expanding into, you must do more to increase your trust signals. Translating your site well will certainly help with that.

Build Better Brand Visibility

And when we say translate your website, we don't mean direct translation. When it comes to SEO, a search term or phrase popular in English may not be so in the country you hope to expand into. Therefore, if you don't carry out sufficient research into the vernacular used in your targeted country, you won't achieve the brand visibility you need to succeed.

These are just some reasons why it's essential to translate your website if you hope to attract an overseas audience. By ensuring that customers in your key markets can easily understand your offering, you'll be able to capture those all-important sales more easily. So, now we've explained the why, let's talk about the how.

What is the best translation app for Shopify?

When our Shopify clients ask us how to set up Shopify Multi Language, our answer tends to be simple - with Langify.

Langify is a powerful yet easy-to-install app that has automatic language detection and is SEO friendly. After installing, Shopify merchants can translate all onsite, text-based content.

We've outlined some of the key features we think make Langify such a great choice:

Translation Setup

Once the Langify app has been installed, Shopify merchants can select collections, products, etc., and translate them. It's worth noting that Langify does not translate the content for you; you have to do this during setup. For example, take a look at the image below:

As can be seen above, the page on the left shows the original, in English, with the German translation. In this example, we see how key SEO information can be translated. Once complete, the translation can be 'published'.

Right To Left Language Support

For those brands looking to expand into growing Arabic speaking markets, such as the UAE, this feature opens up many more opportunities than were available before:

SEO Friendly Setup

Whilst it's easy to think that translating what store visitors can 'see' is most important, it's also critical to translate some back-end content. For example, page titles and Meta Descriptions are two crucial onsite SEO factors impacting your page ranking in Google.

By having this feature, stores that sell across multiple markets with varying languages have a much greater ability to rank for keywords. Without using this feature in Langify, a Shopify store may find it difficult to grow its ranking position in the long term.

Setting Up Shopify Multi-Language With Blend Commerce

Here at Blend Commerce, we've worked with several Shopify merchants to improve the accessibility of their store to a global market. As well as providing the ability for stores to be multi-language, we've also supported clients looking to provide multi-currency display options.

If you'd like more information on how Blend Commerce could help you grow your Shopify business, click here to book a call with a member of the team.

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