Why do restaurants go through refits and renovations every five years or so? Because if it was the same view with nothing new and exciting, customers would migrate for a change of scenery. In the same way, a website redesign is created to give customers something to look forward to - a change of scenery in the same place. It also generally allows for customer growth, reevaluating what works and what doesn’t, and creating an exciting space that changes with the trends. At Blend, we focus on viewing your current site through the eyes of your customers, with the aim of improving the focus of your website, and making their customer experience seamless. 

The priority of your redesign should be built around retaining your current customers while keeping the growth of your business in mind too. Finding your customer pain points of your Shopify Store is critical in finding the perfect solutions and implementing them through a redesign, taking your store to the next level, and showing your customers that you care about their experience.

Revenue Percentages

Some Insights from Others on the Importance of Redesign

While retaining your current customers, you need to ensure the functionality of your website remains up to date and the customer experience remains relevant and keeps up with the competition.

“While other sites are getting updated and inspiring new trends, they’re creating a perception of what is modern and new and what isn’t. The last thing your brand wants to do is fall behind in market share because of a poor website.” - LoSasso

“A website redesign helps keep your business relevant and enhances your brand image with a strong impression.” - StableWP

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.” - Paul Cookson

Goat Milk Stuff Redesign

Goat Milk Stuff is a family-owned business that provides a wide range of popular goat milk products. They brought us their main concerns being, the speed of their site, their site navigation, and their conversion rate. The key is that Goat Milk Stuff wanted to create an easy customer experience throughout their customers’ journey, and they wanted to build a quiz, giving their customers answers to the questions they hadn’t asked yet. 

The results from what we did are clear: 11% improvement in bounce rate, 10% increase in page views, and 22% increase in conversion rate. You can read all about what we did to help Goat Milk Stuff here.

Goat Milk Stuff Webpage

Damn Filters Redesign

Damn Filters manufactures and sells high-quality replacement industrial ventilation and air purification systems directly to their customers. While they already had excellent scores on SEO, performance, accessibility, and best practices, it was important to them that their current customers remained satisfied with their design. Blend aimed to ensure the customer experience was improved while remaining familiar.

The results for Damn Filters are extraordinary: 191% increase in conversion rate, 211% increase in-store revenue, and 79% increase in Average Order Value. You can read through the entire Damn Filters redesign here.

Damn Filters Webpage

A Guide to Planning for your Redesign

Even if you’re hiring externally, there are certain things you will need to gather for the redesign to ensure a smooth transition and clear communication.

Step 1: 

Finalise your goals for the redesign. Are there functionality issues that need to be rectified? Have customers explained any pain points they have? Are you wanting to increase orders? There are many questions that you can ask yourself and provide these to whoever is in charge of your redesign. 

Step 2: 

Define your target audience. Aiming your website at the right audience with the right design is important, you want your audience to feel welcome and excited to visit your store.

Step 3: 

Keep inventory of your current site. It’s important to keep this information handy for comparison purposes to evaluate whether or not your redesign is working the way you want it to.

Step 4: 

Finalise your budget. You will need to provide a budget for the people responsible for redesigning your store so that they know what they can and can’t do. 

Redesign with Blend

Having someone reliable redesign your Shopify store is vital. We’ve helped many customers like you redesign their Shopify stores and get the results they wanted, if not more. If you’re ready to redesign your website, just like the perfect restaurant refit, book a call.

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