Where to get your eCommerce news in 2022


They say knowledge is power. Well, great. That’s helpful, right?


We live in an era of information overload. Every day, news sources swamp us with articles and blogs.

Finding information and gaining knowledge is not the hard part. The challenge for most is sifting through the noise and being able to find what is both relevant and helpful, without spending the entirety of your day scrolling through the vastness that is the World Wide Web.

Good thing you follow Blend Commerce, right?

Here, for you, we have put together a list of our go-to sources for accurate, and up-to-date eCommerce news that you can read, FAST.

To help you stay up to date and get you back to focusing on what matters.

Shopify | eCommerce Marketing Blog

Shopify’s blog holds everything you need to know as a Shopify Store Owner from eCommerce marketing, running an online business and updates to Shopify’s eCommerce community.

Gorgias Blog

Gorgias helps independent eCommerce brands turn their support centre into a profit centre.

By centralising customer interactions and automating responses to repetitive questions, your support agents will become sales associates who spend more time on meaningful, profitable interactions with customers.

The Gorgias blog gives you content dedicated to helping you learn how to grow your eCommerce brand through marketing, sales, customers’ support, and live chat.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service offered by the search engine company Google. By far the most underrated asset you didn’t know you needed.

Google Alerts keeps you in the know by sending you an email when new results, such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research, match your pre-determined filters. You can also use Google Alerts for passive SEO and marketing. Through web monitoring, you can stay up to date with who interacts with your story or work.

Business Insider eCommerce

Business Insider eCommerce is a financial and business news website that branched out from its parent company, Insider Inc.

Business Insider eCommerce provides in-depth knowledge on several business verticals like finance, media and tech from across the globe. A significant source of information that every eCommerce Merchant or Partner should be utilising.


First published in 1977, the Entrepreneur is an American magazine and website that carries fresh stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business.

Entrepreneur Magazine is the definitive guide to all diverse challenges of business ownership.

eCommerce News Europe

eCommerce News is a daily blog featuring news about the eCommerce industry in Europe.

Here you will find everything you need to know about cross-border payments, omnichannel and much more!

Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce strives to help other eCommerce companies by providing them with expert insights and instructions that can you can use in real-time. Its mission is to provide independent analysis and strategy to help businesses succeed online.

Their authors comprise eCommerce practitioners, consultants, and journalists that successfully address topics that affect merchants, including SEO, Amazon, social media, email marketing, multichannel selling, conversion, platforms, design and development. That being said, this is most definitely a website to add to your bookmarks.

e-Commerce Times

e-Commerce Times gives you everything you need to know about doing business on the Internet.

Coverage includes tech business topics, including e-commerce, social media, and mobile commerce. Owned by ECT News Network, one of the most popular e-business and technology news publishers in the United States.

ECTNews Network features an award-winning team of journalists who produce daily news and industry analysis covering areas from eCommerce and Business, Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Commerce, the ever-important Internet Trends, and more.

And of course, who could forget the Blend Commerce Blog?

Blend Commerce Blog

From the eCommerce Customer Experience (CX) agency itself, Blend Commerce is the Agency FOR Shopify Businesses.

Not only is our focus on obsessively improving your Customers Experience on your Shopify store, but we strive to bring you the best advice, news and Customer Experience insights to help your business to see the growth we know it’s capable of.

Now that you’ve made the first step into empowering your business through knowledge, let us lead you to even more eCommerce insights that you absolutely cannot do without.

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