In our modern world, businesses are no longer about stocking and selling. There are now so many angles and options that you have to consider in order to make your business a success. Marketing itself has many smaller components, and it can be hard to keep up.

That’s where marketing automation comes in. Choosing a marketing partner like Blend Commerce ensures that certain aspects of your digital marketing are automated so that nothing slips through the cracks. That way, you can focus on what you do best in your business while being confident that everything will still run smoothly.

Keep reading to find out more about marketing automation, what can be automated, and technology partners that can help. 

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the use of software to automate monotonous marketing tasks, without the need for human action. This is generally done with repetitive tasks that need to be sent out regularly. Technology not only makes these tasks quick and easy but it can also be used to create a more personalised experience for your customers, as it collects and utilises data. 

What can you automate in marketing?

There are a number of simple marketing tasks that can be automated. This includes tasks like email marketing, ad campaigns, and social media posting. Other workflows that can be automated are lead prioritisation and behavioural targeting, often offering greater insights than your talented employees could.

These repetitive tasks often require a lot of time and energy to do, though not a lot of expertise. Therefore, a lot of time and talent can be wasted on these simple tasks. Which doesn’t offer a good ROI.

Does marketing automation work

Yes, marketing automation works very well for businesses who want to free up time for more interesting and diverse tasks for their employees. As these are monotonous tasks and technology can offer greater personalisation, they are well suited to automation.

Why use marketing automation

Automated marketing is an excellent option for most businesses. It allows you to save on talent and increase productivity, as your employees can focus on the more important and difficult tasks within your business. It also saves time, as these tasks can be completed more quickly than before. Lastly, automation ensures that everything is done correctly and on time so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Can technology partners help you automate?

Technology partners can help you to automate your digital marketing tasks, streamline processes, and personalise your marketing efforts according to the data. This can increase employee productivity while offering your clients and customers well-targeted marketing material. 

When deciding whether or not to automate, it is important to consider your marketing tasks. Are they monotonous and repetitive? Are they taking up your employee's valuable time, while they could be doing something more important? Do you struggle to personalise your marketing campaigns to your target audience? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then technology partners are the solution for your business. Contact us today to find out how we can help automate your marketing tasks.

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