As we have seen over the past few weeks, events and conferences have been cancelled to protect those who would have been attending from having to be in a public place, and it will be a long time before this industry can get back to where it once was. The events industry still wants consumers to get the information they need, and so some have turned to virtual events to implement this.

But what events are out there and which are relevant to your business?

Here at Blend, we are always happy to help Shopify merchants to get the best out of their business, so we have put together a list of what we think will be the most useful and productive events coming up over the forthcoming weeks.


Commerce Everywhere 2020, 21st April:

This 3-hour virtual event is only $20 to sign up to and is recommended for anyone working in the eCommerce industry, as handy advice will be given as to how your company can survive after Covid-19. To register, go to:

LoyaltyLion, Klaviyo and Blend Commerce Webinar, 22nd April:

LoyaltyLion have teamed up with marketing company Klaviyo and e-commerce agency Blend to discuss building customer relationships -


Blend and SMSBump Webinar on How to get the best from SMS, 22nd April:

Here at Blend we have teamed up with one of our key partners, SMSBump, to discuss how useful the addition of SMS marketing can be to your store and to give an insight on SMSBump themselves. Register free on:


Blend Shopify experts
SMSBump logo


Digital Shift Q2 2020 Webinar, 23rd April:

During this webinar, industry expert Neil Perkin will be discussing the key developments in ecommerce and digital marketing. Sign up via:


Savvy retailers shift tech priorities, 5th May:

Digital Commerce 360 host an insightful webinar on how merchants can shift their priorities to the current market:

Learn how to sell on Amazon, 11th May & 11th June:

This virtual event will show you how to promote your business and get selling on the most popular platform in the world:

How to capture a 360-degree view of cross-channel, multi-device shoppers, 12th May:

This webinar will effectively show you how to capture customer data and how to put this to good use:

Dotlive: Building Brand Affinity Webinar, 12th May:

This helpful webinar gives some handy tips on how to create a long-standing relationship with your consumers:

Ecommerce Options for Small Business: Online Webinar, 13th May:

This free 90-minute webinar is ideal for anyone starting out in the world of eCommerce, especially for smaller-scale businesses:

ECOM Design Summit, 20th May:

This design summit is the world’s first conference dedicated to discussing how experience-led design is changing digital commerce:

Business Heroes: Where every small business owner is a hero, 20th May:

An ideal virtual event for anyone who wants to learn a bit more about how to create a steady income from your small business:

Business heroes


Overcoming the new challenges to gain global clients, 28th May:

In this webinar, they discuss both the challenges and opportunities of cross-border ecommerce:


Commerce Now ‘20, 10th June:

We would highly recommend this virtual event, which has a range of guest speakers discussing ways in which you can enhance your ecommerce store.

Virtual 1to1 Europe, 16th & 17th June:

This virtual event gives companies some direction as to how to overcome the challenges they may be facing due to the current situation caused by coronavirus Covid-19:

Tips for getting the best from online and virtual events

It is not always easy to know exactly what you want to get out of the event, so we have put together some handy tips to help you out:

    • Make a list beforehand of what you want to find out during the event/webinar, or what questions you want to ask if it is an interactive workshop
    • Make quick notes whilst it is happening but don’t try and copy all of the information word for word as you may miss something said by the host or a contributor that is important
    • If there is anything you don’t understand during the webinar, or if you think of further questions, jot these down and email the host afterwards for the answers - it is pointless attending if you don’t fully understand what was being said
    • Most hosts will offer to send some links afterwards for further information, or may even send the slides from their presentation, but if they don’t then contact them afterwards to get a copy of these - that way you can refer back to the points raised at a later date

If you’d like to get a calendar file of all these events, go to the below link to get access:

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