TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing social media platforms in the world right now. TikTok grew its popularity at the very beginning of the pandemic and was home to everything from cooking tutorials, dancing videos to heartwarming pet clips. Now, fast forward two years later, TikTok is a place where businesses can sell their products to TikTok users directly on the app. The feature is still in its beginning stages, but businesses are signing up fast to get a head start on the new update. 

This new feature allows businesses to tag their products in organic posts. Users watching the brands videos can click the product tagged in the video and direct users to the checkout. Alternatively, users can shop directly from the brands store by using the link on the merchant's TikTok profile. 

Social shopping is a perfect move for TikTok as shopping is a natural behavior of TikTok users. If you are familiar with TikTok, ask yourself this - how many times have you watched a video of a person reviewing a product you never knew existed and decided there and then that you needed that product? The answer is probably one too many times. Therefore, businesses selling their products via the app is a great way to reach new customers and boost conversion rates. 

What if you could have the same user experience on your Shopify store?

Have you ever heard of Videowise? Similar to the new feature on TikTok, this is a Shopify app that allows businesses to add shoppable videos to their Shopify store to engage shoppers and boost sales. 

If we look at how many users are on TikTok, they have over 1 billion users worldwide. That is 1 billion people who use the app daily and who are familiar with the user experience.

Therefore, if your target audience matches those with TikTok or even if you want to attract a younger audience, offering your customers a familiar experience directly on your Shopify store may be the ticket to better conversions. This will keep users engaged for longer and definitely make your store stand out from your competitors. 


How to drive more revenue with Video Content

Here’s a pretty amazing fact: people retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video compared to 10% when they read it as text.

Using Video in your content marketing can help you:

  • Increase the ROI of your content marketing
  • Target key prospects more effectively with personalied insights from video viewing data
  • Improve your conversion rate and build pipeline by combining video engagement, analytics, and marketing automation

All you need is a concept in mind and an idea of what you want to use the video for. 

From there, it's a matter of:

  1. Creating a rough storyboard of how you plan for it to flow and writing a script if you need one.
  2. Finding or creating the footage or audio you need.
  3. Editing it together in a user friendly video editing app like Movavi
  4. Packaging it up and uploading it as a social media post, ad, Tiktok, YouTube video, etc.

TikTok launches a fast fashion eCommerce site set to rival Shein and Amazon?

This week TikTok launched their very own eCommerce fast fashion store. 

According to TechNode, Tiktok rolled out an eCommerce store to rival Chinese fast fashion portal Shein.

Owned by ByteDance, Dmonstudio’s website gives no direct evidence of its links to Tiktok owner ByteDance, but TechNode’s sources have tagged ByteDance’s eCommerce business lead, Kang Zeyu, as head of the project. Dmonstudio reportedly delivers to over 100 countries worldwide and sells clothing and accessories.


What are your thoughts on TikTok stepping into the eCommerce world? Do you think they are the future of eCommerce? 

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