If you’re a business owner, it’s a no-brainer that if you want to get your name out there, you need a prominent web presence. Making a home for yourself online not only gets you more customers but can also lead you to better, more exciting business opportunities. When it comes to websites, most businesses expend their efforts and resources on crafting a striking Home page that’s sure to draw customers in, forgetting about an additional and even more important web page – the About Us page. Sure, almost every online business has one on their site, but how many are really taking full advantage of it and using it to set themselves up for a win? 

If we’re being honest, a large majority of companies don’t pay much attention to their About Us page by giving readers a broad overview of themselves that doesn’t tell customers anything they really need to know. We believe your About Us page is an essential part of the makeup of your website and presents endless opportunities to develop trust, relationships and connections with customers – and in an age where more people are online than anywhere else, you can’t afford to neglect it! 

Why have an About Us page?

Yes, visitors love a good Home page that’s exciting and makes them feel something special before potentially purchasing from you or engaging with your brand. But it shouldn’t end there. The Home page should be a precursor to the main show – and that’s you! Your customers want to get serious with you, and they’ll likely make their way over to your About Us page to find out more about your brand. This is the page where you get to talk all about yourself. Customers who come onto your About Us page probably don’t know anything about you and they need you to give them a reason to spend their money on you. Use this as an opportunity to establish credibility and foster a deep trust in your visitors. Set their minds at ease by assuring them that you are an authentic business that seeks to deliver on your word.

What should it contain?

Your About Us page is the ideal place to tick a plethora of boxes:

  • Tell the story of your business and why you started it.
  • Describe the customers or the cause that your business serves.
  • Explain your business model or how your products are made.
  • Put a face to your business, featuring the founders or the people on your team.
  • Include persuasive content (e.g., introductory videos, visual data assets, links to blog posts) that might otherwise clutter your homepage.

How do I write one?

Show off your personality—simply

Customers are hopping on to this page because they want to know you – really know you. Give them the pleasure of connecting a personality to the brand. Show a little bit of humour, be genuine in telling the story of your brand and use language that’s both easy to understand and full of life. In other words, don’t be boring. This is also not the time to lead your customers astray by throwing in elaborate and lofty descriptions that are hard to relate to. Visitors on your About Us page shouldn’t have to wonder what it is that you do and what products or services you offer. 

Use the Ws

A good starting point is to focus on the five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Let your customers know Who you are, What you do, When you began, Where they can find you, and Why they should trust you. 

Know your customer

Your About Us page might very well be all about you, but your customer still has to be central to the content of this page, as you want them to be able to resonate with you. Ask yourself,

“What can I do to help them?”

Then give them the solution. Tell them how you’ll get there; what you’ll do to achieve this. Make sure you make it easy for them to understand how you’ll give them their solution by supplying data to back up your statements, making mention of your milestones and successes, and why you’re the best option for them. 

Give them something to look at

Putting a face to the name is so important in showing customers that real people are behind the curtain. You want to include pictures that make customers feel like you could be their friend and that they can trust you on your About Us page. So maybe don’t throw up a picture of you out on the town here. However, incorporating team photos are great and even a photo of the founder is an awesome way to throw in some credibility and make people feel like they know who they’re dealing with. Remember, this is the Internet; since people can’t see you face-to-face, a picture can go a long way in establishing trust.

Give them a way to respond

Now that you have engaging copy and a model-worthy photo, it’s time for the most important part: a call-to-action. You’ve gotten your visitors this far, now make it easy for them to take the next step. Give them a means to contact you or your team, or pop in a link to your store so they can peruse your products/services and make a purchase.

About Us page examples

Your About Us page is going to be about you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow some ideas from others, especially when it comes to structure and design.

Here are 3 examples of different About Us page designs that we love.


Nike clearly knows its audience and makes their mission obvious to them as soon as they land on the About Us page. There's no question that the visitor is in the right place and understands exactly what Nike has set out to do.

NI Candles 

As a brand that sells beautifully made candles, NI Candles puts craftsmanship at the forefront of what makes it different. One of the best ways to use your About Us page is to illustrate your brand’s value proposition.

Hunter & Gather

We love Hunter & Gather’s About Us page because it centres on the company’s two co-founders and includes photos of them to put a face to their names before getting into their company philosophy and finally their product promise.

An opportunity to build trust

Taking up the task of writing your About Us page might seem like a daunting task in trying to find the words to say. You might feel as though you don’t have much of a story to tell. But everybody does. And our stories are what make us feel connected to each other. It’s not your products that anchor your customers, it’s the relationships you have with them, and that can only come through knowing each other. 

If your business already has an About Us page up and running, maybe it’s time to take another look at it and ask yourself whether you’ve given enough to your customers to really establish a connection with you. It’s never too late to start treating this page like the valuable piece of treasure it is. 

And you don’t have to do it alone. We can help you build an About Us page that will have customers glued to their screens and invested in your brand. All you have to do is book a call with us today and together we can help you build real, lasting relationships with your customers!

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Jo Badenhorst, Marketing Assistant