How To Confirm Your Shopify User Experience is Great

Through many of our blogs around User Experience (UX) and Shopify Designs, we’ve taken you through the processes of identifying factors that will influence your user experience, and detailed how to augment these factors to position your site as strongly as possible to create a positive site experience for your users.

However, after you’ve implemented all of the changes that we’ve recommended, you might be left asking yourself, what you must do now?

The answer is simple; Test, Analyse and Iterate.

These three things will enable you, through monitoring user interaction, to understand if your design elements are being used as they were intended, and whether this activity is positively impacting your conversion rate.

We will take you through these three tasks and the importance each has in enabling you to deliver a best-in-field user experience.


How Do You Test User Experience?

Testing your site is something that we here at Blend feel is vital. Testing helps you to understand how your users think when browsing your online store, as every human interaction with your site could deliver a varying outcome.

Make a plan on how and what you want users to test. This could be everything you have done, or even a small part such as a landing page or a product page even. Being armed with this will help you then target those customers and apply very good tasks for them to test your goal.

Patience while testing is paramount as it can take a while to get good qualitative data, it could even be a strain on your own stores beliefs as some feedback might be not what you want to hear, but the next step in this is to Analyse your findings.

How Do You Analyse User Experience Test Data?

The tests could have been carried out in a number of ways such as moderated or unmoderated user testing with video sessions, heat mapping and video logs with or even using your own questionnaires and moderated approaches, all of these will need to be analysed. This is the tricky part. This is where agencies like us would help find out what your users are thinking and why they are doing something. This is usability testing analysis which is part of UX. It’ll be hard to try and figure out what your users are doing and why, but by analysing your audience's feedback and experience will help the bigger picture.

What we would do with that is identify any user requirements or wants across the functionality that you have set for the customers to test against, these will turn into user stories allowing you to start to paint a picture of your users desires to make your site better. These stores then help the next chapter of analysing which is then adding all these functionalities into a new site map journey.

How Do You Iterate Your User Experience Analysis?

This is where the next step comes in, which is Iterate. Now you have done the testing and you have analysed this data, planning out what’s right and what is wrong will then help you further your site's experience across multiple devices and users. Iterating what you have first done helps you understand how your customers are thinking and in turn make your business grow. Iterating what you have might feel like a waste of time and money, but it will make you more money, more conversions and bring more traffic to your site.

There are more tricks such as getting reports done on your site using development tools such as light house, and even Google analytics. All of these will help your test and analyse your site on what areas, if any, need iterating for improvements.

Have A Merry User Experience

We want to personally thank you for reading our 12 Days of UX. This has been fun and we really want to know what you think of what we have written and explained. If you have any of your own questions or even would like us to help you test, analyse and iterate your site, we’re here to help so please do get in touch. As an added bonus if you would like to download our 12 Days of UX, please fill in the short form and we will send you a downloadable copy summarising what we have said and other visuals that might be helpful.

From the UX Team “we fully understand that nothing is always perfect and making your users feel special is something that is always on the forefront of what we do. It’s what drives us as designers and a team of testers of users.”

Until next year! Happy Holidays, from all of us at Blend Commerce.

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