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Are you maximising your ROAS with Facebook Ads?

Blend clients typically see ROAS of between 2.5 and 40 on Facebook Ad campaigns. Our Facebook Ad Management newsletter shares our latest articles, tips, updates and insights from the Blend Facebook marketing team.

Facebook Ads

After a brief hiatus, we’ve circled back to look at Facebook’s new updates and are glad the new interface is now up and running. Along with this, Facebook has introduced even more updates to streamline the user experience and offer more personalisable features for Shopify merchants.
At Blend, we’ve helped many high growth brands build out a fully optimised A/B testing plan for their Facebook Ads. For us, it’s all about developing their understanding of the platform and adding the realisation that a good Facebook Ad campaign doesn’t start with one image or one audience.

We’re still continuing to see new updates to the Facebook Ads Manager interface this month, but Facebook has slowed down this month focusing more on updates to come and further streamlining their new interface. Here are the main updates we’ve seen in October.

When it comes to marketing there isn’t really a right or wrong answer to what can work for your business, but there are often small things we marketers don’t think about or push aside that can really elevate our marketing to the next level. In this blog, we’re going to talk you through 10 of the most common mistakes we see marketers make.

We’re still continuing to see new updates to the Facebook Ads Manager interface this month, but Facebook has also really pushed out updates on their Business Manager as well, with the aim of creating a coherent and efficient platform. Here are the main updates we’ve seen in September.

The big news of August is the new Facebook Ads Manager interface. Alongside this, Facebook has also been making a few other updates to help streamline the whole process. Here are the main updates we’ve seen in August.

Social Media is one of the most diverse channels when it comes to tools to grow your business. There’s so much activity it can be hard knowing where to start. If you aren’t convinced Social Media is the right tool for your business, then take a few minutes to read this blog. We’re going to highlight 5 of the most important reasons you should be using Social Media and how you can utilise them in your marketing plan.

If you’re reading this, then chances are you have a Shopify store with traffic lower than you would like. After working on your product descriptions and your website design, you still aren’t seeing the traffic you’d like for your store. The good news is you’ve come to the right place as we’re going to introduce you to the wonderful world of Marketing.

Facebook has a wide variety of reporting metrics that allow you to assess the performance of your ads, but when you want to compare their performance to competitor ads what can you do? The solution: benchmarks! In this blog, we’re going to talk you through these metrics, what can affect them and how you can use these in your Facebook Ad marketing plan.

Facebook has been rolling out updates for July! Therefore this month’s blog is solely focusing on these updates. They’ve made a range of updates from those that are small and powerful to those that are new and still updating. Either way, they’re sure to make the ad creation process easier for marketers. In this blog we go through these updates.

This month Facebook has really focused on making Ads Manager more intuitive for its users. There have been some great updates which aim to make the creating and analysing process easier for marketers. Here are your Facebook updates for June.
An incredible 85% of consumers have a poor opinion of brands that are advertised via retargeting. What’s more, 88% of people report seeing ads for products they’ve already purchased, and 77% of consumers say they often see too many adverts from the same retailer.