Shopify Turbo Theme - Background

The Shopify Turbo theme by Out of the Sandbox has long been regarded as one of the most feature-packed themes available to Shopify merchants. As official Out of the Sandbox partners, we're constantly asked by clients why we only develop with Turbo. Whilst we can always talk about the value of Turbo, some clients do wonder if the investment of $350 for a theme is worth it.

To help our clients see the value of Turbo, our team at Blend Commerce decided to create a calculator which would demonstrate the investment needed to bring popular free Shopify themes to the same level of functionality as Turbo. As this has been a popular resource, we've decided to provide this to the wider Shopify community. 

How to use the Shopify Turbo Theme calculator

    1. Access the Shopify Turbo Theme calculator here.
    2. Create a copy of the calculator (File>Make a Copy).
    3. Edit cell C5 to reflect the cost per hour for your chosen developer.
    4. Review each feature described and check the 'required' box if you need to require this feature
    5. See the true value of Turbo to you in either cell C6 and C7.

You can also check out this video below on how to use the calculator too:

Next steps...


If you'd like to discuss how Blend Commerce can help you create a unique Shopify store with Turbo, please reach out to us. For more hints, tips, and information, also take a look and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Please also check back soon for a web-based version of this calculator.

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Adam comes from a Management Consulting and Digital Marketing background. Previously holding Directorships in Sales and Marketing at some of the UK's fastest-growing tech businesses, Adam has a deep strategic understanding of Marketing.

As CEO and Head of Partnerships, Adam focuses on ensuring that Blend continues to provide the highest level of service to Blend clients by understanding the needs of the market. Adam frequently presents at national and international conferences on Shopify and Digital Marketing.

Published: January 18 2019

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