Here at Blend Commerce, we sometimes tend to focus on parts of Shopify that often get overlooked elsewhere. One such area is Shopify store email notifications.


As you’re probably be aware, the standard notifications from Shopify tend to be a little bland—both in terms of their content and in terms of their design. Given that Shopify Store email notifications include order confirmation, shipping, and abandoned cart, it's safe to say that these notifications WILL be seen by your potential and paying customers. For this reason, we feel they’re a key component of both converting and retaining customers, all with the help of the Orderly Emails app.


To help Shopify merchants understand which notifications are available and how to optimise them, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you through making your notifications far more effective. Happy notifying!

So now you’ve seen the examples and read the tips, we’re sure the next question is how? If you’re comfortable with html, editing the standard notifications should be fairly easy going. What’s that? You want a drag and drop option? No problem...


Whilst we are in no way affiliated, we’re huge fans of Orderly Emails, the notification editing app from Forsberg Plus 2. Not only does the app take care of any code, it also provides basic copy for each of the emails listed above. As an agency, we often use the app as the basis for email creation and work on the copy and creative elements of emails for our clients.


We hope this guide proves useful and that you make the most of the great opportunities that this less obvious asset of your Shopify store provides.

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Adam comes from a Management Consulting and Digital Marketing background. Previously holding Directorships in Sales and Marketing at some of the UK's fastest-growing tech businesses, Adam has a deep strategic understanding of Marketing.

As CEO and Head of Partnerships, Adam focuses on ensuring that Blend continues to provide the highest level of service to Blend clients by understanding the needs of the market. Adam frequently presents at national and international conferences on Shopify and Digital Marketing.

Published: September 12 2018

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