Not even three months since the last Klaviyo Product announcement that had all of us in the Blend Marketing team picking up our jaws off the floor.

Klaviyo has done it again, rendered me (the self-proclaimed load-mouth of the company) speechless.

When people think of Klaviyo, they think of Owned Marketing and communicating with their customers through Email and SMS. And while most Klaviyo customers place the most emphasis on Messaging and Marketing within Klaviyo, there is so much more that Klaviyo has to offer.

Klaviyo solves three problems and has built three products to help solve them.

  • Customer Database
  • Marketing & Messaging
  • Learning Layers

All three of these new pieces work together to help you make magic with Klaviyo.

“You can’t be in front of every customer every time they visit your website or need help, but you can teach Klaviyo the rules of how you want customers to be treated, and Klaviyo will deliver those customer experiences. Faithfully to every customer you have.” - Andrew Bialecki

Here is a deep dive into all the exciting new products Klaviyo has been working on this quarter.

Customer Database

Your customers are inundated with more marketing messages than ever before. In order to cut through the noise, you need to pull together everything you know about them into one system that can deliver timely, personalised messages at scale.

Unlike other platforms that use relational databases, which limit the amount of data that you can store. Klaviyo uses a NoSQL Database that is engineered for scale and unrivalled speed. That means it’s built to handle incredible scale and speed without requiring workarounds or limitations. Klaviyo’s Best-in-Class database allows you to store and reference all customer data in real-time. A real-time brain for your business.

Every message clicked, an order placed, and a browsed product becomes data that you can use to deliver a personalised experience to your customer.

Klaviyo’s database does more than just deliver your messages. Klaviyo’s database also stores all customer data that is brought in through integrations. The more data you can drive into Klaviyos list of integrations have doubled from 100 in 2020 to 200 in 2021, with 25 more integrations planned per quarter.

Messaging & Marketing

Klaviyo Template Editor

Building out your emails just got a whole lot easier. Brands have already used Klaviyo’s world-class email editor to send over 125 Billion emails this year. Klaviyo is now taking the email editor to a whole new level.

Our design and Klaviyo teams are over the moon about Klaviyo's New Template Editor.

The new Template Editor now consists of brand-new features like sections to organise your content, the ability to add a background image behind a call to action, an undo button, and how to use template styles and configure each block type.

move Block Gif


When creating an email template, you often have multiple blocks that make up one section of an email. With the new Template Editor, you can now group related blocks into a section that can be saved as a whole to be easily pulled into future messages. Product Blocks are now easier than ever to fully customise with drag and drop functionality.

Are you still getting used to all these new capabilities? No problem, Klaviyo’s new Undo/Redo button makes it easy to roll back to previous versions of your design so that you’re not forced to start from scratch.

All these new features can be beautifully previewed with Klaviyo’s new Preview that allows you to see how customer data, abandoned products and names will be viewed on both Desktop and Mobile devices. All these functions are immediately available, but you can wait until after the holiday rush before you start using them. You can access Klaviyos new template editor from the Email Templates tab by clicking Create Template > Use New Editor.


Now let’s get onto the last feature that yours truly is probably most excited about.

Universal Content

Time is precious, but efficiency is Priceless. Klaviyo has nailed this idea with their new Universal Content Feature, which will be released in upcoming months.

Imagine how much more time you could spend on your marketing if you didn’t have to go through the manual, tedious process of updating content in dozens or hundreds of emails.

Building out your emails with Universal Content allows you to create and edit email content once and have it automatically updated everywhere in your email marketing that, that content exists.

Need to add a new link to your header? Or change a URL in your footer? Add some fresh content to your emails? The Universal Content Feature can do that for you automatically, saving you HOURS of tedious and time-consuming edits. As someone who has plenty of experience manually changing links in hundreds of emails within flows, knowing that this feature is on the horizon of being released is like breathing fresh, anxiety-free air.

Every aspect of the new Template editor was built to help you design better content, faster.

New Forms Library

With the ability to create beautiful emails, Klaviyo has overhauled its sign-up form library to give you the ability to create beautiful, well-designed forms using a template from Klaviyo’s Form Library. Klaviyo's Form Library contains sign up forms from templates that follow data-best practices to help you create impactful, high, converting sign up experiences that are optimised for both mobile and desktop.

Now contains dozens of all-new sign-up forms and pre-created templates with side images, so you don’t have to spend more than one click of time creating a best in class form. During early testing, Klaviyo reports that templates with side image forms have a 32% higher submit rate. (There’s a lesson in there)

The new mobile view in the Sign-Up form editor allows you to be confident in the knowledge that your sites experience is seamless and top-notch.

All of these improvements are available to both new and existing Klaviyo Forms, starting from today.

Quiet Hours

Earlier this year, launched Klaviyo SMS in general availability and has been reported as some marketers best-performing channels.

So what’s holding everyone else back? Some marketers are concerned about their customers possibly not wanting to receive texts from them.

To gauge if that was the general feeling from most consumers, Klaviyo surveyed US consumers about their marketing preferences and found that 75% of them are open to receiving text messages from brands they care about.

That means if you haven’t explored SMS marketing yet, you aren’t reaching three-quarters of your customers the way they want to be reached.

Because texting is such an intimate channel, it’s essential to do SMS marketing well, and your messages must be personalised, timely and relevant.

Delivering messages at the right time is crucial to providing a positive experience for your customers. Quiet Hours allow you to avoid sending your text messages during non-preferred hours of the day to your subscribers.

SMS Help Desk Integration

Another highly requested integration was the SMS Help Desk Integration, which allows you to text back and forth within your customer service platform. The first integration is Gorgias, with other popular integrations on the way.

SMS Help Desk

Once you have integrated with Gorgias, all your text message conversations will be captured and logged on customer tickets, allowing your customer service agents to work inside Gorgias to reply to customer texts.

Learning Layers

Schedule Reports

At the last Klaviyo Product Event, Klaviyo released their Reports Library. You can explore common questions that marketers are asking about the performance and metrics of their email marketing, with pre-built reports to answer those questions.

While this made the process of finding and creating these reports seamlessly, you still had to run and download each report manually. A tedious and time-consuming process if you’re running multiple reports and managing multiple accounts. Klaviyo has now made analysing your data much easier with Scheduled Reports. Giving you the tools for reporting, analysing and improving the experiences and messages you deliver to your customer.

Custom Reports

Using this function, you now have the option to schedule a report to auto-run at a specific date and time with a notification that your results are ready to be viewed via email.


Analysing your own performance is only one part of the equation. Klaviyo has the ability to leverage data from billions of messages so that you can learn and compare your performance from other industries as well.

Showcase is a collection of the top-performing email and SMS messages sent through the Klaviyo Platform.



In Klaviyo Showcase, you will find a growing collection of 2000+ user-created email and SMS campaigns built-in Klaviyo to use as inspiration for your next campaign.

Showcase examples can be filtered by Channel, Campaign Type, Industry, Holiday, Metrics, Discount or No Discount, and displaying the subject, preview text, send time and date text for some extra inspiration.

Klaviyo wants to empower anyone to learn and experiment from customer data and help you scale by suggesting ideas and improvements they find for you.

With all that said, Klaviyo is continuously looking to improve the Showcase, and there are several new features that they are currently looking into. Klaviyo will continue to expand the collection, including more holidays, campaign types, and industries as time goes on.

What We Think

If it wasn’t evident from the first line of this blog, we are exceptionally excited about the new things Klaviyo has to offer us coming into the Holiday season.

The technical details and scale of Klaviyo’s Customer Database, the new design features available for Marketing and Messaging, Scheduled Reporting, and Klaviyo’s Showcase feature all speak to the passion that drives the Klaviyo team.

We cant wait to get started using these new features with our current client’s email marketing, and we’re here, ready and waiting to help you with yours too.

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