This week, Klaviyo released four new products last night to help businesses take ownership of their revenue and personalise their email marketing.

As business owners, you are responsible for your brand, your data and your relationships. Klaviyo announced that their singular focus for these new products is to give their users more ownership. Ownership of their data, customers and the experiences they deliver. These new features reinforce that.

Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo, believes that marketplaces or social platforms won’t gate the future of relationships with the people you care about; instead, Klaviyo will allow you to speak to them directly.

SMS Marketing

Firstly, and a feature that excited us here at Blend the most was the announcement of Klaviyo’s SMS Messaging now being available in the UK.

Adam at Klaviyo


(Did you spot our CEO, Adam Pearce?)

Klaviyo’s SMS marketing platform combines the immediacy of text messages with the effectiveness of advanced personalisation. SMS affords you the ability to reach your customer where they want to hear from you, right in the palms of their hands. SMS marketing has become one of the most effective marketing tools with its almost instantaneous and high open rates, high conversion, 500% ROI and its ability to boost other channels.

And it’s now available for you!

SMS A/B Testing

Klaviyo also announced that they would soon be making SMS A/B testing available. SMS A/B testing will allow brands to test different variations of SMS campaigns and optimise their performance. You can now experiment with it all - text, images, emojis, send times and more - allowing you to find the best practice for your customers.

Price Drop Trigger

With SMS now available in the UK, the announcement of the Price Drop Trigger became even more exciting for us here at Blend Commerce. Price Drop triggers are a new way to alert and convert your customers, via email or SMS, when a product they’ve engaged with or fallen in love with, but couldn’t initially afford, goes on sale.

In addition to increasing customer engagement and enhancing the overall experience, this new feature saves users time by automating the price dropdown messages and avoiding the need to build manual one-off campaigns.

Multi-Step Forms

Sign-Up forms are essential for getting more data and faster growth. By showing the right forms, to the right people in a way that’s relevant to the moment, you can grow your email and SMS list and collect the data that will help you create personalised and relevant messages that convert.

Klaviyos new Multi-Step form feature will allow you to show sign-up forms to website visitors that ask for customer information over multiple steps to collect more data and personal info - without asking for too much at once and pushing your customers away.

These forms will help maximise your submissions, collect more useful data and unlock new opportunities for personalisation.

Reports Library

Suppose you love numbers, reading results, and analysing data, but struggle to make your way through the mountain of data and rabbit holes available at your disposal? In that case, the reports library is sure to tickle your brain! Say hello to in-context analytics with Klaviyo’s new Reports Library.

The Reports Library is a collection of pre-built reports highlighting and leveraging relevant data to answer common questions about marketing and e-commerce.

Klaviyo has used its e-commerce experience, customer interviews and insights from various industries to recommend a library of pre-built reports. With these new reports readily available, brands can see at a glance how your business is performing and answer your most impactful questions, and even give you the answers to key questions you didn’t even know to ask.

What can Blend do to help?

It’s no secret that here at Blend Commerce, we happen to be Klaviyo Fanatics. And we are excited to include these new features into our priority stacks to help our clients scale their growth continuously.

If you’re ready to start implementing these new features but need a little help on the way, Get in touch with our Klaviyo team and start growing!

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