Having the best products on the market won’t mean people will flood to your digital gates. While this used to be the case with in-person stores taking the lead in sales, in a post-pandemic world, we’ve grown to find comfort in shopping with nothing but our computer screens. And the customers out there expect the same standards, if not better. Customers expect your website layout to present the feeling they would have walking through your store, and they expect the same level of customer service, if not better customer service. But don’t fear. Here at Blend, we can help.

The screen has detached customers from the brand, which makes it so much more challenging for the brand to stand out with great customer service. Giving a wave, hello and a simple ‘come again soon!’ as customers left the building doesn’t convert well on screen. Taking the time to get to know your online customer and understanding what they want from you will drive sales, and drive your customers nuts coming back for more. Luckily there are quite a few ways you can implement the perfect customer service on your site, and integrating them all creates the ultimate customer service strategy.

Octane AI

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Like we said, you need to get to know your customers before you can know what they’re looking for. Back in the day, you’d be the creepy sales person sneaking up on a customer saying “Hi, can I help you?”

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These days it can be more of an interaction and could add some gamification to your site. Using Octane AI will allow your customers to spend a little time on your site doing what they do best - talking about themselves! Octane AI allows you to design a specific quiz for your customers. With the right questions, you’ll not only get to know what your customers want from you, but you’ll be able to cater your marketing strategies accordingly. Segmenting your customers through their answers will allow you to create personalised marketing campaigns and hit your customers with the perfect products at the perfect time.


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If you don’t already use Klaviyo, you’re missing out. Their capabilities within their technology are first-class, allowing you to integrate third-party apps and use zero-party data to implement those marketing campaigns we spoke about. Their built-in dynamic tags take adding a first name to your emails to the next level and making your customer experience that much more unique.  

Utilising Klaviyo will enable you to personalise your communication with your customers outside of your website. They provide a ‘starter pack’ for each flow that you could create where they set up your trigger and the start of your flow layout. The customisation on their template editor allows you to create a unique experience for your customers so that they know exactly what brand they’re talking to. Not only that, but integrating third party apps within your Klaviyo account will allow the data to feed through and you can use this information to further personalise your emails.


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We spoke a bit about customer service within your in-person store, and it’s difficult to imagine there being anything similar to that experience. As a customer, having the comfort of knowing that if you need anything, someone is right there to help, makes the shopping experience less stressful - especially for those who aren’t technologically savvy. Luckily, in the world we live in, we have Gorgias

Gorgias is technically a sales assistant for your Shopify store. Your customers will interact with AI that has a natural language flow, pushing them from visitors to customers. It will help them with any questions they have about the site, their order, product variations, or complaints.

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But Gorgias doesn’t just stop there. Your customers will receive responses on your sales and ads, so you can connect with your customer before they even take a glance at your site. You’ll be able to track all the data, conversions, and live chats from your Gorgias account so you know exactly what is happening where and when. 

Blend and Customer Service

At Blend, we are Shopify Experts. We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of the latest technology, keeping up-to-date with the latest updates, and our Shopify Developers consistently educate themselves on the on-goings. We can assist with all integrations needed as well as email marketing. The truth is, in this world, you can never know too much. To ensure that your Shopify store has customer service that’s a notch above the rest, contact us for a CX Audit.

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