by Adam Pearce

Shopify offers businesses a simple, but powerful platform to sell their goods and services online. One of the key questions asked by many looking to join the platform tends to be around safety and security. The team at Blend Commerce have put together a range of reasons why the answer is 'Yes'.

Is Shopify Safe?

Whilst we don't expect you take our word for it, Shopify has a range of features and processes which give Shopify merchants and shoppers a safe and reliable experience when selling and shopping online:

Free SSL certificate with Shopify plans

SSL certificates are an important part of internet security. In simple terms, an SSL certificate means that a Shopify store will display 'https://' rather than 'http://'. This means that when customers provide personal details and payment information, this is being sent securely. Not only does this provide peace of mind for customers, it also helps to ensure you are legally compliant, especially if you are selling in Europe. To find out more about Shopify SSL, click here.

Shopify Fraud Analysis

Shopify Fraud Analysis provides Shopify merchants on all plans with a way to identify potentially fraudulent transactions. Fraud analysis indicators take into account information including:
  • If the credit card being used passed AVS checks
  • If the customer provided the correct CVV code (security code)
  • Information about the IP address (device location) used to place the order
  • If the customer tried to use more than one credit card.

All of these factors are shown to Shopify merchants in Shopify Admin, which means that chargebacks can be avoided. The image below shows some examples of how fraud indicators are displayed to Shopify merchants.

Shopify Fraud Analysis Example

Large Companies using Shopify

Whilst Shopify offers a range of plans for all business sizes, many large, multinational businesses now trust Shopify with their e-commerce stores. Some of the biggest brands using Shopify include:

See more from GymShark in the video below:

Shopify theme development

By working closely with Shopify partners and Shopify Experts, Shopify ensures that strict guidelines mean that all Shopify themes are built with strict guidelines, before being eligible for the Shopify theme store. Several rounds of testing and approval have to take place before a theme can be listed on the theme store, and all theme developers have a contractual obligation to fix any critical bugs immediately.

Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce

Adam is the chief copy writer, marketing consultant and maker of tea at Blend Commerce. Oh, and he helps Shopify store owners Launch, Grow and Automate their businesses.

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