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    Courtyard Offices, 55 High St, Alcester B49 5AF

    It’s common for people to end up at the checkout of a supermarket with some items that were not on their shopping list. Sometimes this may be something they had forgotten to add to their list, and sometimes it’s because they’ve seen an irresistible offer they couldn’t say no to.

    But, there is another prime reason why people end up with a shopping cart that includes unplanned items. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we see something on a rack that just attracts our attention. You’ve got to look twice, you become intrigued… and then you give in to the urge to bring it home!

    So, what do you think makes people stop, stare and pick up the item - and then put it in their shopping cart? The answer is often as simple as Product Packaging!
    This is not just hearsay and has indeed been proved through research, that packaging is the most important factor that influences consumers’ buying behavior. The many factors of packaging mentioned in this study are packaging elements like the color, the packaging material, the design of wrapper and an innovative approach. Apparently, these things drive consumer buying decisions.

    This also means that brands can ill afford to ignore this message about packaging, especially due to fierce competition in the market. Sometimes, it is not the product as such, (as there is a possibility that there is little to choose between the products), but the product packaging that differentiates. Hence, companies are now focusing more on the packaging, in order to ensure that there is a differentiating and appealing factor that drives consumers to pick up their product. Custom packaging is what counts for more here, as that gets the maximum attention of the customers.


    Color is the most important component of product packaging and in custom packaging. It can actually be the identifier of your brand. People start associating certain color combinations with your brand and it is etched in their mind.
    Also, there really is no explanation as to why we get attracted to certain colors; we just like them as we find them more appealing. This is true, whether for clothes, accessories, or product packaging! In fact, research results suggest that it is the color that is the primary appealing factor and that the
    consumer may stop or walk away from the product based on it. A whopping 62-90% of the consumers make their buying decision based on the color of the packaging alone; strange, but true! Along with color, graphics also play an important part, as the appeal is a unique combination of the two. Most often the colors are represented using certain graphics, which could be just the logo or
    the whole packaging itself.

    Packaging Material

    When low quality packaging material or wrappers are used, it is quite possible, that they get damaged, or look misshapen on the rack, especially when people have been picking, checking and putting it back. Also, if you ship a product and it arrives to the customer damaged due to poor packaging - you’re going to give yourself a bad reputation and they may not feel comfortable ordering from you again!
    The same study quoted above, suggests that 55% of shoppers left a brand and 36% moved towards another brand, just because of damaged packaging! It is about time brands started paying more attention to packaging.

    Also, it is true that many people judge the book by its cover; so they may not actually pick up or end up buying a good product, just because it is shabbily packed or looked unappealing. So, the packaging does affect the sales of a product, however good it may be.

    Custom Packaging

    Custom packaging helps create a lasting impression and a wonderful unboxing experience, apart from the immediate link with your brand that gets imprinted in the customer’s mind. These could be simple, yet innovative peek-a-boo packs that provide you a glimpse of the contents, or those with some engaging designs, messages or taglines, to attract the customers. These can provide
    immediate visibility to the product.

    Here is where resources like Arka can help brands a lot. Custom packaging, for orders as less as 10 numbers, for the best possible pricing, and with an eco-friendly approach is what they promise. With a quick turnaround, designs as per your wish with the help of a 3D design tool, and flexibility for change, and proofing before printing, Arka is dedicated to meet every single need of custom packaging, whether small, medium or large enterprises.


    Everyone likes a change; while we are used to expecting certain segments of products in some particular shaped packaging, a new shape or design can certainly make us pick the product up, out of curiosity. In fact, a study conducted to understand the impact of the influence of packaging shapes
    on consumer buying decision concluded that “price presumption, scanning patterns, and attention retention is influenced by the packaging shape attributes”. Hence, the package shape and design is also of importance to drive sales.

    About Arka

    Arka provides affordable, world-class packaging solutions. Choose from a range of Kraft boxes that are eco-friendly, durable and inexpensive. 

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