According to, 73% of millennials identify email as their preferred means of business communication. Whilst we know that social media is an important part of driving ecommerce sales, email provides a whole bunch of opportunities to sell and build relationships with clients.

The tricky question is How do I get email addresses from my Facebook followers? Well, we’re here to help with some great tips to get your followers to hand over their email address.

1. Give them something they really want.

It’s always tempting to offer ‘free guides’ or ‘discounts’ for email sign ups. The issue here is that in most cases, customers won’t be ready to buy. Research shows that between 7 and 12 interactions with a customer a required before they buy, so offering a 10% discount off a first purchase may not appeal to someone who has just discovered your brand.

As an alternative, why not try:

Give a gift competition - If you’re selling products that are likely to be given as gifts, a competition to allow entrants to win a free product for them and a friend can be a great way to do this. On sign up, the entrant would be requested to enter their name and email address, as well as the name and email address of the person they wish to gift. By doing so, two potential customer emails are obtained. By using this tactic, the feeling of ‘giving’ is created for the entrant, rather than making the competition just about the entrant.

‘Be the face of’ competition - If you’re selling fashion or beauty products, this is a great opportunity. A competition of this form involves inviting facebook followers to be the face of your brand, in which they would receive products and a photo shoot in their location. Entrants would need to provide a image of themselves on an ‘application’ using a service like Typeform, along with their email address. Once the images were collated, a voting competition can be used on Facebook to create engagement by asking followers to vote for their favourite. This in turn creates both email addresses and page engagement.

Quiz - Quizzes are a great way to create both engagement and email addresses. These can be related to your product or something of interest to your target audience. For example:

  • Pet products - How much do you love your pet? Take our quiz to find out.
  • Clothing - How many of these brands can you name from just their logo?
  • Health products - Is your diet as healthy as you think? Take our quiz to find out.

There are range platforms to use to do this, including Typeform. Just ensure that those participating have to fill in their email address to get the results and that they can share their results via social media once completed.

Enter contest example Website poll example Facebook competition example

Examples courtesy of Wishpond blog

2. Don’t ask for too much information

The rule should be here, ‘the more you are giving, the more you can ask for’. For example, if you’re simply providing a 10% discount for a signup, don’t expect customers to give you full name, email, address etc they simply will not fill in the fields. If you’re providing a unique benefit, like the ‘Be the face of’ competition, it’s more likely to be able to obtain more detail. Our recommendation is keep it simple - email and full name.

3. Use a welcome email immediately

Wordstream reported recently that welcome emails are incredibly effective. Onn average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails. Given this golden opportunity, ensure that a welcome email that conveys your brand well is sent immediately after sign up.

Use personalised retargeting ads on Facebook

Email also opens up a lot of opportunities for Facebook advertising. If you’re using mailchimp, you’re now able to target those who have signed up to your email list., directly from Facebook:

Facebook create a custom audience

This offers a great way to target those who have signed up, and personalise the Facebook ads that you place. This tactic is a key part for many of our clients using our advanced package.

Hopefully this blog will give you some great ideas on how to get started with building your email list. If you’d like more information and support, simply ‘Chat now’ in the bottom corner of the screen or book a call.

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